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The Ubah Hot Tiradito Recipe

three white plates on a white table with brown sauce and purple, blue and yellow flowers

Does anyone else miss South America? We’ve always brought the world into your home to you through our food recipes. This time, it’s the turn of Peru with this delicious Tiradito recipe. As travel to some parts of the world is still restricted due to closed borders, this perfect Tiradito recipe is something to tide you over if you are missing traveling to South America. This recipe is extra special, because it’s as easy as opening up a jar of RHONY Ubah Hassan’s Ubah Hot sauce. 



What is Tiradito?

Tiraditos hail from Peru. The capital of Peru, Lima, was (pre pandemic) one of the hottest food scenes in the world. Tiraditos are a dish of raw fish and are the South American answer to Japanese sashimi. Unlike its Peruvian cuisine relative, Ceviche, Tiraditos are sliced and not cubed. They are also served raw and are not marinated. Peruvians have made this dish their own by adding spices, sauces and herbs that are distinctly South American.

Our version of this Peruvian dish – made with salmon, sea scallop and sea bass – is created from the best Tiradito recipe. Plus it is quick and easy to make. The key to this Tiradito recipe is the fresh sushi grade fish, the sauce and the presentation. The secret ingredient is Ubah Hassan’s Ubah Hot sauce. The result are Tiraditos that are stunning, colorful dishes, and are the perfect meal for summer.

three jars of Ubah Hot Sauce behind three blue plates of vegetables and white and yellow flowers, two glass jars of green shoots and leaves, on a white table against a white background

That Special (Ubah Hot) Sauce

We have a special treat for you as an add on for this Tiradito recipe. It also helps to simplify the preparation. We always say at Galavante that if you can buy something better than you can make it, there’s no need to recreate the wheel.  Our Tiradito recipe is made with Ubah Hot Sauce which is the creation of Supermodel Ubah Hassan.  She has created three varieties: Ruby (Fresno Mild), Emerald (Serrano Medium) and Yellow Tanzanite (Habanero Hot). Ubah’s approach is for their sauce to be THE sauce for everything, and we can confirm that it’s pretty amazing for Tiraditos.

a white plate of food, brown orange sauce, white raw fish, green leaves and a purple flower

Montauk Sea Bass Tiraditos


1/4 lb sushi-grade Montauk sea bass
Dash of black pepper and Maldon sea salt to taste
Olive oil for finishing
12 cilantro sprigs
Thinly sliced jalapeños

Ubah Hot Sauce: Ruby (Fresno Mild)

Note – keep the sea bass chilling in the refrigerator until ready to use


Spread the hot sauce on a white or solid-colored serving plate using a frosting spatula.  The sauce should be spread evenly and cover the main surface of the plate. Remove the sea bass from the refrigerator. Thinly slice the sea bass in neat, uniform pieces. Gently lay each piece of sea bass in a circular pattern onto your hot sauce plate; it should resemble a starburst pattern. Make sure the fish filets are facing outward. Season with the Maldon Sea Salt and pepper to taste, and lightly drizzle with olive oil.  Add a cilantro leaf (or two) to the center of each fish filet. Thinly slice jalapeños into small rounds and use as garnish on top of the fish.  Serve immediately.

a white plate of food containing white raw fish, green sauce, green and purple salad leaves topped with purple and blue flowers

Sea Scallop Tiraditos


10 scallops, cut into thin round thirds
Smoked Maldon Sea Salt to taste
Fresh ground pepper to taste
Olive oil for finishing
10 sorrel leaves
10 purple edible flowers
Ubah Hot Sauce: Emerald (Serrano Medium)


Create 10 individual nests with the microgreens on a white or solid-colored serving plate.

Gently place each scallop on top of the individual microgreen nests.  Carefully and precisely place a spoon of Ubah Hot Emerald sauce onto each sea scallop. 

Season with the smoked Maldon Sea Salt and pepper to taste.  Lightly drizzle with olive oil.

Garnish with one sorrel leaf per scallop and the purple edible flowers.  Serve immediately.

a white plate of food of orange sauce, raw orange pink salmon slices topped with a green leaf and a yellow flower

Salmon Tiraditos



8 ounces sushi-grade salmon
1 shallot, finely diced
Dill for garnish
Olive oil to finish
Maldon Sea Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
1 avocado, finely chopped
Yellow and white edible flowers
Ubah Hot Sauce: Yellow Tanzanite (Habanero Hot)


Spread the hot sauce on a white or solid-colored serving plate using a frosting spatula.  The sauce should be evenly spread and cover the main surface of the plate.  

Sprinkle the finely diced shallot evenly on top of the sauce.

Thinly slice the sushi grade fish into rectangular pieces and artfully arrange on the platter on top of the sauce.  Drizzle with olive oil.  

Add a dill sprig on each piece of fish.  Season with the Maldon Sea Salt and black pepper to taste. 

Mound the finely chopped avocado in the center of the plate. Artfully arrange the edible flowers on top.  Serve immediately.

looking down onto a white plate of food containing orange sauce, green leaves, raw pink salmon


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3 jars of sauce coloured red, green and yellow. glass jars of green leaves, 3 white plates of colourful food on a white table against a white background

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