Luxury Taper Candles

Cire Trudon Taper Candles

It’s not just the food. Or the table settings. Lighting is everything to create the perfect dinner party, and these days, brightening up your tablescape has never been more fun. Take taper candles for example. The slender candlesticks have been around forever, but only recently have brands started turning them into statement-piece silhouettes. From Diptyque to Caspari, here are some of our favorites. 

Caspari Taper Candles

Caspari Taper Candles, $44 for a pack of 12


If you’re looking for a classic taper candle, Caspari is the right choice. You won’t find any funky shapes or patterns here, just a wide range of well-made candles, available in both 12 and 10 inch options. Caspari makes accessories for the simple tablescape, using muted colors and standard silhouettes to let the details shine. And as an added perk, they won’t break the bank. 

Where to Buy

Caspari Online


$44 for a pack of 12
$9 for a pack of 2

Floral Society Taper Candles

Floral Society Taper Candles, $33 for a pack of 2

Floral Society

Floral Society looks to nature for all their inspiration, so it only makes sense that their candles “borrow their hues from blooms”. They’re almost too pretty to burn, and to be honest, you don’t even have to. The swirling textures and delicate earth tones function as art all on their own. Floral Society also offers scented taper candles, designed to burn for up to 10 hours. We’re itching to throw a Spring dinner party just thinking about it.

Where to Buy

Floral Society


10” Fancy Taper Candles– $33 for a pack of 2
18” Dipped Taper Candles– $20 for a pack of 2

AERIN Taper Candles

AERIN Taper Candles, $65 for a set of 6 pairs


You won’t find Aerin Lauder, founder of luxury lifestyle brand AERIN, without taper candles on her tablescape. According to her, they create the perfect mood for any dinner party– elegant, effortless, and natural. So it’s no wonder why she’d collaborate with Creative Candles for their hand-crafted, dripless candles. Sold in a set of 6 pairs, the 12-inch candles come in two color options– Cafe Au Lait and Moss Green. The AERIN-favorites are known for providing a slow, smokeless burn, so you won’t have to worry about your centerpiece making a fuss. 

Where to Buy



$65 for a set of 6 pairs

Cire Trudon 

When we said taper candles have been around forever– we meant it. Dipping a wick into wax until enough layers have been created to form a candle is a process that dates back to ancient Roman times. And while most candlemakers have modernized this process, some brands are still honoring the age-old tradition, like Cire Trudon. Practicing traditional methods in their Normandy workshop, the artisans behind Cire Trudon dye and mold their products in small batches, using high quality wax. Both smokeless and dripless, something about these candles just feels regal, with their rich pigment and classic silhouettes. 

Where to Buy

Cire Trudon


$48 for a pack of 6 Royale Taper Candles
$39 for a pack of 6 Madeleine Taper Candles

Diptyque Taper Candles

Diptyque Taper Candles, $34 for one


To say you probably know Diptyque for their scented candles and perfumes would be an understatement. Afterall, they’re one of (if not the) most coveted fragrance brands out there, with their chic packaging and timeless scents. And recently, they’ve stepped their game up even further with a limited edition collection of taper candles. Yes, you can now get the cult-favorite Baies scent in taper candle form, as well as the Amber and Wood Fire fragrances. The taper candles– in true Diptyque form– are equally festive and elegant, complete with ribbed texture and a golden stamp donning the brand’s logo. 

Where to Buy



$34 for one Ribbed Taper Candle

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