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Galavante is a travel, lifestyle, and entertainment media and e-commerce company. Think of us as your one stop shop in travel and lifestyle. At Galavante, we are your resource for the inside track on the best hotels, restaurants, experiences and destinations around the world.  We introduce you to history, food, culture, and give you an inside look at some of the most extraordinary places to stay. If you’re looking for inspiration and the best of accommodations, you’ve come to the right place. We are hotel experts – with over 800+ luxury hotel reviews. Our team is passionate about bringing you the very best of what to experience when you travel.


What makes us unique at Galavante is we go beyond luxury travel. The heart of who we are is our motivation to make this world a better place. Our Foundation, Galavante in the World, focuses on humanitarian, women’s rights and global education projects. As part of our work, we are currently providing scholarships evacuation costs, living stipends, and career services to Afghan women displaced due to the events of August 2021 in Afghanistan. In our journey, we introduce you to fascinating individuals changing the world and philanthropies that really make a difference. Life to us is more than just 1,000 thread count Egyptian sheets.


The recommendations you get on Galavante are authentic, because they come from the most well-traveled individuals out there. Our Global Tastemakers are travel junkies in the world of finance, fashion, philanthropy and the arts.  They share their recommendations for those that seek not only high end, but authentic, stand out experiences wherever they travel. That may be a Michelin star restaurant but also includes the perfect homey Italian trattoria.


Online Booking

Once you’re inspired, then we make your travel happen for you. As a partner of Expedia, you can book your plane tickets, hotels and car rentals on our website.

We are also in the process of launching The Travel Shop. Think of it as luxury travel at a click. The Travel Shop is a curated list of bespoke, family-owned boutique hotels and experiences, that you need in your life now. You choose your dates, click and pay, and we do the rest. You’ll get the hotel, airport transfers and a dinner at the hotel during your stay. Sky is the limit from there.

Bespoke Travel Services

Speaking of sky is the limit, we create lifetime experiences and make any trip you want to take happen. Our team of luxury travel advisors will hook you up with their expertise, and manage all the itinerary building, transfers, hotels, special experiences and anything  you need in travel. Because you’re one of a kind, and our Bespoke Travel Services will make all your travel dreams come true.


When you’re not traveling, we bring the world home to you through inspiring articles and our digital cooking show, In the Kitchen With Galavante.  Our travel series, Traveling The 195,  takes you from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and every country in between.

Galavante About Us

what we do

Christine Drinan


Christine Drinan is an entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Galavante. Christine started Galavante in 2011 as she graduated from Columbia Business School.  Galavante’s name comes from Christine’s mother, who used to scold her hyperactive child for always “gallivanting” after school, and not sitting still. Fast forward decades later, and it’s that desire to gallivant around the world that is the foundation of the company.

As CEO, Christine leads her talented team of writers, filmmakers, tech team, designers, and travel professionals. In her time at Galavante, she authored the cookbook, The Art of International Entertaining.  She is also the Executive Producer and host of the travel and lifestyle series, Traveling The 195.

It All Started with a Study Abroad Program

Travel is Christine’s expertise. Travel has been Christine’s passion since her study abroad as an exchange student at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. While her accommodations have greatly changed since her backpacking days, her philosophy to maximize her experiences has not. Today, Christine is on track to be one of the less than 30 individuals to visit every country in the world. She has visited over 130 countries and stayed in over 800 luxury hotels.  Her travel is diverse, and ranges from luxury hotels, to gorilla trekking in Rwanda and summiting Kilimanjaro.

The Heart of Galavante

Philanthropy is the heart of Galavante. Christine is personally motivated to do her part to change the world. She mentors women leaders, children and families. Christine founded Galavante’s 501c3 nonprofit, the Galavante in the World Foundation (GITW), to address humanitarian, women’s rights and educational projects. She also works with Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) in Cambodia, a charity supporting families. Additionally, Christine teaches art classes on behalf of the Christopher Foundation for the Arts in schools around the world.

Before launching Galavante, Christine worked for private equity firm the Blackstone Group. Christine’s love of travel and her busy work schedule at Blackstone gave her the inspiration to start Galavante. Christine had limited time off and a high standard of travel. She wanted to make the most out of long weekends by knowing exactly where to stay and what to do in destinations around the world. Until Galavante, she couldn’t find an adequate travel website for targeted recommendations.



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