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JK Place Paris

It’s only been recently that the Left Bank has gotten some notable hotel love. There was a whole decade when it was cool to hang on the left, but you always stayed on the right. Well, the tables are turning, and J.K. Place, of the famed Italian hotelier, has opened a Paris outpost — rive gauche. Here’s the review of…
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Best Pastas in the World

Life is too short not to eat pasta.  And there’s no better reason to travel, then to eat.  You put the two together, and it’s a have pasta, will travel situation.  In other words, a very good place to be.  These are five restaurants with the best pastas in the world.  And yes, we suggest you travel for a plate.  After all, we’re coming up on truffle season so this list will have you prepared. The Restaurant:  Felice…

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