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where to stay in the bahamas; eleven

Eleven Experience Bahama House

You know the Bahamas for the beaches and the surreal blues where you can’t find where the sea ends and the sky starts. Then there’s swimming with the pigs, which really is quite the experience. But maybe the most elegant part of the Bahamas is Harbor Island, which is like the Nantucket of the Caribbean. Here’s where to stay in…
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New Orleans restaurants

Top New Orleans Restaurants

Abigail Alexander, Contributor

New York may be the melting pot of the U.S., but New Orleans is the melting pot of cuisine. A fusion of Spanish, French, Native American, and West African, New Orleans offers some of the best food in the United States. There are times to tighten your belt, but a weekend in NOLA is not one of them. Here are seven essential restaurants. A big shout out to Alicia, who gave us her latest list plus her favorite…

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