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Emme Restaurant at Immerso

We’ve all heard about the food in Portugal. Whether it’s the seafood, the cuts of meat, or even the wine, Portugal’s culinary scene has boomed in recent years. Some would say the best food is in the capital, Lisbon, or in other popular regions like the Algarve, Alentejo, or Douro Valley. However, there are always outliers. In the surf town…
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Chateau Kefraya Vineyard Spring

Unique Wine Trips Around the World

Eliya Brennan, Staff Writer

No matter how much you know about wine– or don’t know for that matter– there’s always something more to learn. Top wine is made in places besides France, Italy, and Napa. And wine isn’t about pontificating its virtues; it’s about the experience. The people and in these destinations, the setting, may just be what you remember most. You pride yourself on knowing your wine. Of course, you’ve done Napa and you’re an expert on France and Italy. In…

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