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If there’s a reason to get Greek citizenship this year, a la Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, a European summer is Greece is it. This isn’t in Santorini. This isn’t in Mykonos. Instead, it’s in one of the most authentic part of the country, and the hotel itself is a destination. One to put on your list. In Greece, our pick is the exquisite Amanzoe, located on the Peloponnese Peninsula, about a 2.5 hour car ride from Athens or a quick 30 minute heli.
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The Little Nell
Good for: All skiers and ski-lovers – which includes couples, families, singles and groups of friends. Whether you you’re looking tear it up on the slopes, or just parade the mountains head to toe Chanel ski gear, Aspen is the place to be. Suggested stay: Anywhere from a long weekend getaway, to a week-long skiing vacation. (more…)
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