Where to stay in Seychelles

Six Senses Zil Pasyon

For the last three years, we’ve provided your weekly window to the world. Now, we present the Galavante Membership Program, your First Class ticket to thousands of dollars worth of VIP amenities, experiences, exclusive packages and preferential pricing for the very best in travel, services and shopping worldwide. Free breakfast, friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a game changer. You’re welcome. We’re hooking you up at the Borgo Egnazia (where JT and Jessica Biel got hitched) and the island of Mustique (where little George had his first royal vacay). Want to stay at Sting’s private Italian villa? Good – because that’s also on the menu. We’d like to take this moment to remind you that we are the working jet set. Yes, there’s no doubt that we are a high-end outfit. But high-end doesn’t always mean the most expensive. As part of the membership, we’ve sourced the best in yoga retreats, boutique hotels, car service and retailers who give you 5-star goods and experiences, but at value pricing. As a First Class member of Galavante, you’ll get grand welcome dinners, lavish spa treatments, horseback riding lessons and exclusive insider offers. It’s like the ultimate swag bag, even if you’re just kicking around your own city. And since we’re a new Expedia Affiliate, you can even book your flights, hotels and car rentals at Today we invite you to become a Galavante First Class Founding Member at a Friends & Family rate of $249 if you…
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Where to Stay in California

Adele Hoinacki, Writer
In the rolling hills of Newport, California lies The Resort at Pelican Hill. If you are looking to travel somewhere domestically, since out-of-country traveling has become increasingly difficult at present, Newport Beach is the perfect American destination, as it captures the exotic feeling of a large-scale beach vacation. Pelican Hill is seated in an ideal spot between Newport and Laguna…
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