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You might love the Midwest for its down-to-earth approachability. Or its bars, where everyone knows your name. Well, Maple + Ash is none of those things. They have a seafood tower named ‘I don’t give a f*!$*’ if that gives any clues into the vibe. But there’s a time and a place for everything. This is the Maple + Ash review.


Maple & Ash is no longer a new restaurant, but it continues to be one of the most scene-y places in Chicago. The first floor Patio restaurant is the more casual option, which serves sushi rolls as well as a few steak options, a burger and some fish and chicken dishes. It’s actually a prime spot when the weather is nice and you’re not up for dropping $200/per person on brunch in the main dining area.

Speaking of which, the dining room is where you get the full monty experience at Maple & Ash. It almost feels gothic with the dark paned windows, candelabras that light the dim restaurant and big leather chairs. Maple & Ash puts on a show of lavish presentation in gold dishes and ornate serve wear that creates a vibe; there’s nothing effortless about the experience. Instead, the atmosphere is theatrical and orchestrated, where even the menu has expletives about not giving a f—. In fact, that particular expletive shows up on birthday menus as well. In a way, you have to not give a f— because this is an expensive meal, even for a place like Tokyo, but alas you’re in Chicago. Maple & Ash epitomizes the big Chicago night out experience of the trendy restaurants in the city.

Now I’ve framed what the atmosphere is at Maple & Ash, for my personal preference, it’s definitely not a place that I would become a regular except for special occasions. At that, it’s more of a place I would go if I’m up for the scene of a den of debauchery.


There’s no question that Maple & Ash Chicago is a trendy place, but you know those go in and out of style. The reason that Maple & Ash has stuck around is that the food is good. It’s expensive as heck, especially for Chicago. However, they elevate the Chicago steakhouse and add a little something extra to each dish. For example, the seafood tower isn’t served cold like a traditional French version, but instead, the seafood is roasted. The Waygu beef is over the top, with king crab, truffle and caviar. The star of the show though is steak, where there are 14 different versions on any given night. If you’re celebrating something, go for the Waygu experience at $265.

Big, Boozy Brunch

One of my favorite meals at Maple & Ash Chicago is brunch. It’s a $90/person nut where they bring out a bunch of dishes family style and you choose your main. The Alaskan King Crab Benedict is a favorite, as is the lobster avocado toast. Their French omelet gives off “The Bear” vibes, and of course there’s a steak and eggs. There’s an all you can eat sushi and pastry bar, and filet, bacon and potatoes are brought out to share. It’s good value if you’re a big eater, and the food is top quality. They’re also doing the caviar bumps, because when at Maple & Ash Chicago.


Servers at Maple & Ash Chicago are pros; most have been in the restaurant industry for their full careers. The team know the menu inside and out, and everything should run like clockwork. At times you do feel like they’re doing the traditional upsell, but it is an expensive meal to begin with, so it’s par for the course. Overall people are Midwest nice though this is a scene, so expect the doormen and young hostesses running the front of the house.

Overall: 7.5/10

When you’re in the mood for a party, Maple & Ash Chicago is for you.

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Q: Where is Maple & Ash Chicago located?

A: Maple & Ash is in Chicago’s Gold Coast, in an area affectionately known as the Viagra Triangle. Its address is: 8 W Maple St, Chicago, IL 60610.

Q: What are the hours of operation of Maple & Ash Chicago?

A: The hours of operation of Maple & Ash Chicago are as follows:

  • 11 AM–10 PM
  • 11 AM–10 PM
  • 12–10 PM
  • 12–10 PM
  • 12–10 PM
  • 12–10 PM
  • 12–10 PM

Q: Are kids allowed at Maple & Ash Chicago?

A: Children under the age of 18 are allowed at Maple & Ash Chicago as it is a restaurant and not a club, though at times it does feel like the latter. So keep that in mind on whether you think it’s the right vibe for your family.

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