Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Paris

Christine Drinan, Founder

France is famous for baguettes, croissants, cheese and pastries, all of which coincidentally make for a breakfast of champions. Yes, your hotel has complimentary breakfast most of the time, but the breakfast at the Park Hyatt Paris is worth the field trip out. This is the review of Cafe Jeanne in the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, which is one of the best breakfasts in Paris.


The Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome was one of the disruptors in the hotel scene twenty years ago when they opened a modern design hotel. There was really nothing like it in Paris, where the style was more classic, a la The Ritz, which is right down the street. Today there are chic and modern hotels throughout Paris, but the OG is still the Park Hyatt Vendome. It’s this minimalist yet warm atmosphere at Cafe Jeanne that starts your morning out. Breakfast is served in a light and orchid filled atrium, where the design of the wrought iron gives a nod to the Eiffel Tower. For those into design, the atmosphere is a high point to make the Park Hyatt Paris on the best breakfasts in Paris.

By virtue of its location, the Park Hyatt Paris near the Place Vendome attracts locals. On any given breakfast through drinks in their lounge, you’ll see as many Parisian business people as you’ll see tourists. In general too, the tourists, who are mostly American, are on the more well-dressed and sophisticated of the spectrum. So in other words, the people watching is good, which also contributes to making this one of the best breakfasts in Paris.


When a Michelin-starred chef is in charge of the food at  your hotel, you know breakfast is going to be good. What makes the Park Hyatt Paris one of the best breakfasts in Paris though is the quality of the food. This is not a scenario of food spread out across the length of a football field. Instead, every single dish, croissant, garnish for the smoked salmon and ingredient is the best version of itself. They may not have the biggest buffet in Paris, but they put care into everything at breakfast. The cheese is the best of the best, which often includes a comte, goat, and feta in olive oil. I dreamt of the shakshuka on the buffet each day.

There are at least a dozen breakfast mains you can order during the week, where no one does egg whites like the Park Hyatt. Other note-worthy mains if you get past the buffet include the French toast and the avocado toast. During the weekend Sunday brunch, they up the ante with a filet with frites and a Benedict with truffles. While those are the premium entrees, it’s hard to pass up the fish and chips and even the cheeseburger with fries. The Park Hyatt Paris has not only one of the best breakfasts in Paris, but also one of the best Sunday brunches.


The restaurant service is highly polished where an international staff who is dedicated to hospitality runs the show. I bring this up as this isn’t your artist or actor picking up a few shifts. Instead these are restaurant and hotel professionals and it shows through in the flawless service.

Overall: 8/10

Forget your complimentary breakfast at your hotel. If you’re looking for a special breakfast in the area, (or have a business meeting) the Park Hyatt has one of the best breakfasts in Paris.

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Q: What are the breakfast hours at the Park Hyatt Paris?

A: The breakfast hours at the Park Hyatt Paris are from 7:00am until 10:30am on the weekdays and Saturday. On Sunday, the brunch hours are 12 noon to 3:00pm.

Q: Does the Park Hyatt Paris have a  Sunday brunch?

A: Yes, the Park Hyatt Paris has one of the best breakfasts in Paris especially because of their Sunday brunch. You get a lavish buffet of food and a choice of a beautiful main course, like the filet of beef with fries or an Eggs Benedict and summer truffles. Sunday brunch is 140 euro per person and 70 euro per child.

Q: Can you have breakfast at the Park Hyatt Paris if you’re not a hotel guest?

A: Absolutely, you can have one of the best breakfasts in Paris even if you don’t stay at the hotel. Make a reservation though to be on the safe side.

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