Misi Review

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

We remember when Missy Robbins had a restaurant in Manhattan. Just thinking about A Voce gives us a massive craving for that life-changing ricotta. Well, she didn’t go very far with Misi, but we did make it to Syria before taking an Uber across the Brooklyn Bridge to check it out. Was it worth it? This is the review.


Everyone has been buzzing about Misi, so I had to see what all the hype was about. It’s difficult to get a reservation other than the bar unless you book a month in advance, so it makes you wonder if the reservation is worth it. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has its fair share of trendy spots, meaning I have to be selective, and Misi easily makes the list.

Misi New York. Photo Credit: Michaela Atiae


Chef Missy Robbins has had her fair share of success, perhaps the only way to have such a selective menu and do it successfully. She worked as the Executive Chef at Spiaggia, where she honed her skills in Italian fine dining for five years. If that hasn’t convinced you of her credentials her stint as Executive Chef of Michelin Starred A Voce Madison and A Voce Columbus might. Add her grand opening Lilia to the mix in 2016, and her impressive resume only continues to gain attention. A reservation is still hard to land eight years later at her flagship restaurant, so when Misi showed up in South Williamsburg with homemade pasta and gelato, I was hooked.


The setting is the least tasteful part of the restaurant. While bar seating was spacious and the glass pasta room, where they prepare fresh pasta, are high points, the out-of-place shrubbery and low ceilings gave it somewhat of a work-office vibe. That said, the food, romantic lighting, and long wine list helped me move past it. The crowd also aided in the ambiance with couples, girlfriends, and the occasional family sharing laughs with a wine glass in hand.


I opted for the trumpet mushrooms sott’olio to start. It was accompanied by a generous helping of whipped ricotta piped onto three large crostinis with flaky salt. The ricotta was everything you’d hope it would taste like-creamy, rich, and  filling. The mushrooms are served in a separate dish and were the perfect compliment. Many of the appetizers were veggie-focused, and while the marinated leeks and anchovies offered a nice kick, the marinated vegetables were a bit heavy on the palette.

The real reason people come to Misi is for the in-house pasta. There’s not a whole lot to choose from, and for any indecision sufferer, this is a blessing. Of the ten pastas, I recommend the spinach and mascarpone-filled tortelli and sheep’s milk ricotta-filled occhi.

spinach and mascarpone-filled tortelli and sheep’s milk ricotta-filled occhi. Photo Credit: Michaela Atiae

The sharpness of the lemon in the occhi was reminiscent of Sorrento summers and a fish flake garnish gave it a mild salty seafood flavor. The tortelli is a favorite sitting in brown butter that reminds you of why pasta can be so comforting.


The staff was cool and laid back, but descriptive when asked a question. An example being my dessert selection. I wouldn’t say the gelato was as strong in  mint flavor as she made it out to be, but otherwise, my server’s description was well-appreciated and accurate. She mentioned the mint had more of a fresh spearmint flavor than a toothpaste mint, a crucial insight in deciding between mint chocolate or stracciatella gelato. Though reservations might be hard to come by, once you’re seated there is no pressure to rush through the meal from the waitstaff.

Food Rating: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8/10


Q: What are the hours of operation of Misi?

A: Dinner is Monday-Thursday from 5PM – 9:30PM on weekdays.

Lunch is Friday-Sunday from 11:30AM – 2:30PM.

Dinner is Friday- Sunday from 4:30PM – 9:30PM on weekends.

Q: Is Misi’s menu the same as sister restaurant Lilia?

A: Misi’s menu is short and sweet with vegetable starters and pasta entrees only. Lilia has fish and meat entrees, plus pasta dishes that are different than Misi’s.

Q: When are reservations made available online for Misi?

A: 30 days in advance of the date.

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