Corner Bar at Nine Orchard

Christine Drinan, Founder

There’s a reason to go to the nether regions of the Lowest East Side where you haven’t been since your analyst days. And it’s not just to relive your early twenties or prove that you still got it. (By the way, you still do). The reason in this case is Corner Bar at Nine Orchard. This is the review.


I’m going to start out this review by saying that the Exec Chef in charge, Ignacio Mattos, is/will be out at Nine Orchard. I’ll get more into that later but regardless of this development that could completely alter this review, it won’t affect the vibe at Corner Bar in NYC. Corner Bar is an effortlessly elevated yet casual bistro, that could be easily mistaken for a Left Bank restaurant in Paris. It has all the right components of what makes a good scene. There is just the right amount of lighting for evening feels, nice decor and good people-watching. This is a spot that you would go to for a first date, or a hundredth date. You could go in a large group of couples or go with friends. I like to drop into the bar for a casual bite. It’s a restaurant that makes this Dimes Square area of Chinatown and the Lower East Side a destination.

Food + Beverage

Now back to what could change Corner Bar at Nine Ochard, which is the departure of Chef Mattos. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s responsible for favorites around the city like Lodi and Estela and Altro Paradiso. Even saying those restaurant names makes me want a pizza, real bad. They’ve tried to quell the fire alarms though, by saying that his recipes and preparation will remain. Also supposedly most of the staff will stay, but it is of course employment at will.

Assuming though that the food stays constant, Corner Bar in NYC makes magic with the most simple menu. The trout carpaccio is hands down one of the best, if not the best, in the city. It has the perfect combination of capers, citrus and oil that pairs with the bread. I normally don’t eat from the bread basket, but in this case I ate the whole breadbasket. Now in addition to pizza I’m dreaming of their doughy sourdough on the inside and crispy crust on the outside. Almost everyone orders the caesar salad, for a reason.

I can pontificate on and on about each menu item. The mussels back up Nine Orchard in NYC’s authenticity as a French Bistro. The Oysters Rockefeller were perfectly executed with that crunchy butter breadcrumb crust and savory spinach. Also although it’s just a raw bar, the presentation, quality of the seafood and homemade cocktail sauce are why I fly to Paris to eat. I hope they don’t change a thing, as while I live on the polar opposite of Manhattan, it’s one of my favorite neighborhood spots. One day, if I ever treat myself to a weekend off, my goal is to sit outside for brunch and order a Vol au Vent or eggs en cocotte.


While Corner Bar got a 2-star from the New York Times, this is not a formal place. Accordingly the service isn’t formal, but it is tops. For a place that is always packed and takes spillover from those trying to get into Swan Bar next door, there is no attitude. Everyone is cool, just like the neighborhood that Corner Bar at Nine Orchard has made a destination.

Overall: 8/10

We’ll be watching Corner Bar at after the summer, when the licensing deal between Chef Mattos and Nine Orchard officially ends.

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Q: Where is Corner Bar located?

A: The Corner Bar at Nine Orchard Hotel is located at 60 Canal Street, on the corner of Allen and Canal on the Lower East Side of NYC

Q: What are the hours of operation of Corner Bar at Nine Orchard?

A: The hours of operation of Corner Bar at Nine Orchard are as follows:

Monday – Wednesday
7:30am – 10:30pm

Thursday – Saturday
7:30am – 11:00pm

7:30am – 10:00pm




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