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Celebrity Honey

Julianne Moore Honey

Bet you didn’t know that your 2024 goals list included developing your own honey. For celebrities who make honey like David Beckham, Julianne Moore and Lebron James, they can add selling honey to their list of talents. Some of this stuff is pretty good too, though it should be when it runs you almost $300 a pop.

Flamingo Estate

If you haven’t heard of Flamingo Estate yet, we’re about to make your life a whole lot more expensive. In a good way, of course, that $80 dried strawberries can change your life. Located in Los Angeles, Flamingo Estate is a purveyor of fine foods and goods that include everything from olive oil to $1,500 candle sets. They also offer box subscriptions of farmer’s market bounty that includes local fresh vegetables and other monthly surprises. The pricing isn’t for the faint of heart if the strawberries are any indication, but it’s for those who want the best of the best ingredients.

Celebrities who Make Honey

It’s no surprise that Flamingo Estate would sell honey, but they got really creative with it. Celebrities nowadays from David Beckham to Jennifer Garner and the Queen Bey herself have become beekeepers on the side of all their other ventures. Yes, in addition to having exceptional singing, acting and athletic chops, these celebrities have gotten into the honey game. So Flamingo Estate has collaborated with celebrities who make honey, including Will Ferrell, Lebron James, Tiffany Haddish and Julianne Moore. These honeys are made on Flamingo Estate properties or on the celeb’s personal properties, which is the case of Julianne Moore. The proceeds go to the celeb’s charities of choice, so spending the $250 plus tax and shipping is for a good cause. The honeys also have a host of health benefits, so worth the $300 when all is said and done.

Where to Buy: Flamingo Estate 

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