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All this talk of beautiful places, remote islands, lifetime diving spots, and all-around good life, made us reminisce about Amanpulo. Set on Pamalican Island, we’ll give you the Jeopardy Daily Double if you know what country we’re talking about. This is a look at Amanpulo, one of those cool places you didn’t know you needed in your life.


From Manila, you leave the chaos of the city and arrive at an oasis of the airport to take your private plane to Amanpulo. Amanpulo is located in the Cuyo Archipelago of the northern part of Palawan in the Philippines. It’s one of the most remote islands in the country and that makes it also one of the most unspoiled. There are many stars of the show at Amanpulo, but the greatest may just be the white sand beaches with every shade of turquoise possible. Amanpulo is the definition of paradise. There are no cars on the island but rather you traverse and explore by golf cart. That is if you ever get yourself off the beach and the water. There’s nothing like Amanpulo in the world for the setting itself.

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One of the most distinct aspects of Amanpulo, which is part of the Aman hotels, is that the rooms are not your typical Aman fare. Aman hotels around the world, with the exception of Sri Lanka, and a few others, have a signature minimalism and design. The resorts consistently have that Aman aesthetic that’s clean lines, stone, and lighter neutrals that carry throughout the portfolio. You’re not going to find that in the accommodations at Amanpulo. Instead, the rooms reflect the Philippines, the country in which they are located. A species of wood, Rattan, is used to create and decorate locally crafted furniture here at Amanpulo, where you have a clear sense of place.

Also notable about the Amanpulo rooms is that they are massive, especially the bathrooms. Each of the standalone casitas is your own private hideaway, many with their own pools. The backyard is the beach, where you feel castaway, albeit in luxurious environs. There’s something beautifully simplistic about leaving your villa and dipping your tows right in the sand.

For those traveling with an entourage, there are villas in the one to four-bedroom range on the isle. These are owner-owned villas, so decor and design are individualized. But with these villas, you are guaranteed to dip your toes in the sand.


I’ve eaten in a lot of places in the world, and consider myself a lobster connoisseur. I will never forget the lobster and crab that I had daily at Amanpulo. Yes, I’ve had lobster and crab fished right out of the ocean, but combine that with chefs with mad skills in the kitchen, and it transcends to the next level. Perfectly grilled lobster and steamed crab the size of my head have creative herbed oils and butter. I think I had lobster, crab, salad, and a side of French fries every single day.

Besides the simple grilled seafood, the chefs create innovative Filipino food that feels light and healthy. There’s also Japanese food that rivals sushi in Tokyo, and don’t get me started on the fruit. I’m typically not a mango fan except at Amanpulo. The food at Amanpulo is unforgettable and will be the top of any tropical paradise you’ll experience in the world.


I’m not at all impartial with a Filipino background, as it’s a known fact that Filipinos give the best service. It’s why the country’s greatest export is labor throughout the world. Filipinos genuinely care, and that’s most evident at Amanpulo. The service is authentic, genuine, and warm, with of course the polish of Aman. This property is really where the Aman service shines brightest because of the culture of the country and the warmth of the people.

Overall: 8.9/10

One day, my dream is to bring my Mom to Amanpulo.

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