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Where to Host Your Holiday Party This Year

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Fouquet's Private Bar

Like we said, this is The Weekly for planners. You want to do up the holiday celebrations right. We’re talking about a proper cocktail hour and those fancy passed pigs-in-a-blanket. Then there will be a real dinner, maybe a few roasts, and definitely a lot of martinis. This is where you want to celebrate the holidays in NYC this year.

The Spot: Cafe Chelsea

The Vibe of the Party: This is where to host your holiday party in NYC when you work for the coolest boss ever.

Move over Balthazar, there’s a new French bistro in town. Cafe Chelsea is where you go after work if your boss is cool and is dialed into the NYC scene. Vintage and art deco-inspired interiors have attracted celebrity stylists, designers, and a billionaire or two (Hi Jeff B) since the Cafe Chelsea reopened.  Maybe it’s for a taste of the Raviolis Dauphine. Or maybe it’s because this is the coolest restaurant in NYC right now, that’s not a private club. Between a bar, dining room, and lounge, the restaurant serves 200 people, and could easily host the kind of party where the whole office gets a plus one.

The Spot: Caviar Kaspia

The Vibe of the Party: This is where you host your holiday party in NYC when your company is crushing it. And wants caviar for all the people.

The Mark Hotel on the UES got a well-deserved upgrade last year when Caviar Kaspia opened. The dining room at Caviar Kasapia is designed to resemble the Place de la Madeleine in Paris. And yes, this is the same Caviar Kaspia as the original in Paris. As the original does, Caviar Kaspia attracts the fashion and socialite set. Case in point,  Lauren Santo Domingo hosted one of Fashion Week’s most decadent, star-studded dinners. Between courses of free-flowing caviar on blinis, omelets, and twice-baked potatoes, guests spilled out on the sidewalk sipping champagne. This could be your holiday party too, that is if your boss is willing to shell out $100 for a baked potato. If that’s the case, where can we send our resumes?

The Spot: Baretto at Fasano

The Party Vibe: This is where to host your holiday party in NYC if you want complete and utter privacy.

There are times when you want to go low-profile, but yet still want to blow it out. And you want an elegant affair, where there isn’t a lot of outside distraction. You want all the components of the evening to flow; impeccable service, food, and atmosphere. This is when you may want to host your holiday party in NYC at Fasano. The classic Italian dishes are a crowd-pleaser and will have something for everyone. As far as holiday parties go, Fasano knocks the ambiance out of the park. The private spaces such as Baretto are really private, and this is no basement wine cellar vibe, either. Instead, you’re tucked up on a separate upper floor of the restaurant, where virtually no one will see you come and go.

The Spot: Pool Room at the Grill

The Party Vibe: This is where to host your party in NYC if you just sold your company, and your boss’s pockets are deep.

The Grill seamlessly took over the old Four Seasons place, and if it was possible, made it even more grand. This is where to host your holiday party in NYC if you want the best food, the most stunning atmosphere, and so much dough, you just don’t care. Nowadays, the Pool Room is only open for private events, so what better occasion than your company holiday dinner?  As its name implies, the center of the room is still that show-stopping pool and can host up to [ people]. If that’s still not enough space for your company, the Grill can host up to 600 people depending on what style you plan for.

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