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Christine Drinan, Founder


Casa Bond has it all going on; beautiful decor, flattering lighting and a good music playlist. All of this gives the restaurant a cool, effortless vibe. They did a lot with the space that gives it character and a uniqueness that strongly conveys Tulum. It’s clear from the thought put into the unique decor that you are in an elevated Mexican restaurant. Once the word gets out every table in the house should be packed.

Casa Bond just opened up so the crowd is working itself out.  The initial diners seemed to be insiders in the restaurant industry, and a number of people even were of Mexican ancestry. No matter who they were though, everyone seemed happy with the food.

Food + Drink

I’ve always been underwhelmed by Mexican food in NYC, since I was raised in Chicago. Dive taco stands in the Windy City in my humble opinion, are better than what we generally get in New York. I won’t name names, but I think that the “top” Mexican restaurant in NYC are over-rated. So when I saw the menu of Casa Bond though, I was intrigued but didn’t expect to get authentic Mexican food. There are dishes like caviar with guacamole and lobster guacamole, so while this is my wheelhouse of palate, I didn’t know if this was another Cosme.

The nutshell is that the food at Casa Bond is both modern and authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s also food that as they represent, is what you’d eat in Tulum. The seafood-forward dishes like the excellent shrimp ceviche is in a lime juice with habanero broth that you want to practically drink. The aguachile is packed with flavor along with razor clams, raw and cooked shrimp and octopus. The guacamoles come with homemade tortilla chips that I wasn’t a fan of, but I didn’t need them. It was just as delicious to eat the avocado with the lobster and to cut back on the carbs.

The Star of the Show

The mains though are where they shine and flex in the authenticity of the dishes. Chicken enchiladas are in a green mole sauce that is maybe the most authentic Mexican dish in the city. I almost wanted to ask for extra sauce on the side. The Camarones Diabla is also a standout, there you get a real spicy heat on the sauce, that’s offset with the sweet of the plantains. The butterflied branzino is reminiscent of what you’d get in Mexico City, but maybe even better. Overall the food is made with heart and is a standout experience. I would come back to eat here any day, anytime.


Like the food, there is a lot of heart that’s put into the service at Casa Bond. The staff speak passionately about the food and especially the cocktails. The management has made a point to share the wealth of the menu. So the team can describe the dishes knowledgeably and in detail. Food and beverage come out perfectly timed, and you’re not left with empty drinks or waiting too long for your courses. Luis, one of the managers, comes to check in on you and chats up the tables.

Overall: 7.7/10

I am cheering for this place to succeed to the point I can’t get a reservation anymore. A lot of heart was put into Casa Bond Noho in NYC. They deserve to be the hottest Mexican restaurant in town.

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Q: What are the hours of operation of Casa Bond in NYC?

A: The hours of operation of Casa Bond in NYC are as follows:

Monday 5–11 PM
Tuesday 5–11 PM
Wednesday 5–11 PM
Thursday 5–11 PM
Friday 5–11 PM
Saturday 5–11 PM
Sunday 4–11 PM

Q: What kind of food does Casa Bond Noho in NYC serve?

A: Casa Bond Noho in NYC serves Tulum-inspired Mexican cuisine. They have a focus on seafood also excel at chicken, fish and beef dishes.

Q: Is Casa Bond Noho in NYC good for families?

A: Casa Bond Noho is good for everyone, including children on the earlier side of dinner service.

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