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WildKitchen by Guy Ritchie

Abigail Hanley, Staff Writer

Guy Ritchie

You may know him as an award-winning director. Or maybe you even know him as Madonna’s ex. But now you can add grillmaster to the mix with the launch of his WildKitchen venture, coming to an Auberge hotel in Montana.

WildKitchen Daytime

If you’ve seen the popular Netflix series “The Gentleman”, you may be familiar with Cashmere Caveman’s WildKitchen. WildKitchen is a gourmet food experience created by British filmmaker and outdoor enthusiast Guy Ritchie. Ritchie is passionate about eating outdoors and loves any meal that is cooked on an open flame. He believes cooking with fire is in everybody’s DNA and that it helps us get back to our roots as humans. Unfortunately, he discovered early on that not everyone enjoys eating outdoors year-round. He originally created WildKitchen so that he and his family would not have to sacrifice comfort and gourmet meal options for the thrill of eating outdoors. 

WildKitchen Closeup
What is WildKitchen?

WildKitchen brings all the comfort of eating indoors, outdoors. It is first and foremost a luxury kitchen for those who love to eat outside. The WildKitchen is temperature-controlled to keep you comfortable in all seasons. A large tent called a “WildTent” covers it like a roof so you can enjoy your meal, rain or shine. Additionally, the WildKitchen uses two connected fireboxes to cook food thoroughly without generating smoke like a campfire would. Cashmere Caveman created the fireboxes to produce plenty of heat and light to mimic the cozy feeling of gathering around a campfire with friends. WildKitchen also uses oil-treated hardwood furniture usable in any climate, and locally-made, durable cookware.

WildKitchen Nighttime

Fortunately, the people behind Cashmere Caveman are as committed to sustainability as they are to outdoor eating. Wildkitchen requires charcoal to create the cooking fires. Cashmere Caveman produces the charcoal themselves, sourcing it from naturally-fallen trees.

The Lodge at Blue Sky
The Lodge at Blue Sky

Recently, Guy Ritchie has brought WildKitchen to The Lodge at Blue Sky, a 5-Star resort located in Park City, Utah. The resort is popular among nature-lovers and has incredibly high standards when it comes to food. The menu will include fish and meat from the area, like Utah trout and seared elk loin. All produce will be organic and sourced from the resort’s own farm. Diners will have the chance to overlook the gorgeous Wasatch Mountain Range while enjoying their meals, no matter what the weather forecast has in store. 

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