Michelin-Starred Street Food

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

For what you pay for dinner in New York nowadays for a basic meal, it’s not that big of a jump to go for a blowout Michelin-starred dinner. Sometimes though, you’re just not in the mood for a long fancy meal. Luckily this is NYC, so you don’t have to go tasting menu to get Michelin-level eats. These are the top Michelin-starred street food spots that take everyday food to the next level.

Sometimes you want a Michelin starred meal without waiting months for a reservation, or spending a couple hundred dollars for a meal. Well, luckily there are chefs with mad skills who hear you. These spots are either Michelin-starred offshoots, or have chefs who’ve won major awards. So here’s where you can find Michelin-starred street food, where the definition of “street” is all subjective.

The Restaurant: Noz Market

Sushi Noz is one of the most high-end Michelin-starred sushi restaurants in the city. In fact, it’s one of the 8 sushi restaurants in the city with a prix fixe menu priced over $400. Luckily, Chef Nozumo Abe isn’t just out to serve up dinners that top $1k all in. His second location, Noz Market, is the UES answer to Michelin sushi on the go.

The market’s ethos is to bring the freshest ingredients to guests. There’s a date-night worthy prix fixe at around $75, and a $145 12-course omakase. But there are also a la carte options, and addictive hand rolls. These hand rolls essentially make Noz Market Michelin-starred street food. The seafood is all sourced from the same places as Sushi Noz, so Noz Market is kind of the best Michelin-starred hack.

The Restaurant: Red Paper Clip

Red Paper Clip isn’t exactly Michelin starred street food, but it is Michelin-starred and affordable. As a native New Yorker, Chef Kevin Chen has experience  in every kind of kitchen. From his family’s bakery, to Soho House, to Alinea, he’s worked the spectrum of restaurants. His Taiwanese-fusion menu features the best and freshest ingredients in pastas, burgers, and sandwiches. With his wide range of experience and expertly refined dishes, he could charge a fortune for a prix fixe menu. Instead, Red Paper Clip is a regular restaurant with prices that rivals the 5 Napkin Burgers of the city.

The Restaurant: Jeju Noodle Bar

Winter is around the corner which means it’s time for noodles and  Jeju Noodle Bar has your back. This Michelin-starred Korean noodle spot in the West Village is around the corner from Red Paper Clip. At Jeju though, they serve up a different kind of Asian diasporic food. The noodles, fish, and vegetables are as fresh as can be. It’s also theater, as you can watch from behind the counter as chefs take their time to prepare dishes with expert technique. The best part is that it’s also OK to get addicted to this Ramyun. A bowl will set you back about as much as two of your morning lattes.

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