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We know you’ve sat around wondering which city has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Or maybe you want to know which city has the most luxurious hotels. Then there’s the fun fodder of the smallest town in the world, and the surprise that it has a 3-star Michelin restaurant. Turns out that when you uncover places that are the most of something in their field, you have yourself quite the travel list. So, without further ado, these are the destinations with the distinctions of “The Most.”

When thinking about where to travel sometimes you want to go where there is abundance. That could be for restaurants, hotels, or even islands. Because what comes with a place that has “the most of something” means you have options. For this issue, we’ve come up with five different categories that offer unique and interesting travel experiences. Some of these locations are surprising, yet each has its own draw and character to learn about. Here is the Most Issue, which features some great options for traveling in 2023.

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Category: The Most Michelin Starred Restaurants

Country: France

Michelin-starred restaurants bring countries fame, prestige, and most importantly tourism. They are sought after and boasted about, relished and coveted. The Michelin Guide has garnered an immense amount of prestige since its inception back in the early 1900s. It all began in France when the Michelin brothers (known for their tires) put out a guide to bolster car travel and tire sales. But fast forward one hundred years to 2023, where food culture has become a huge part of the travel industry, and these stars have become their own kind of currency. Interestingly, this year France has retained its title of the country with the most Michelin Starred Restaurants coming in at 632 total stars. As everyone knows, getting one star is a huge deal but getting three is a real feat. 74 of these 632 restaurants have earned two stars while 29 have a total of three stars.

Photo courtesy of The Four Seasons Macau

Category: The Most Five Star Hotels

Country: Macau

After four consecutive years of being on top, London has finally been dethroned as the country with the most five-star hotels. Earlier this year Forbes released their Star Award Winners for 2023 and Macau has become the new place to beat. With 22 five-star hotels, Macau is only one ahead of London. But still, it is nice to see a newer frontrunner on the scene. Macau of course is known as a tourist destination for its luxurious casinos, stunning architecture, and complex cultural heritage. Known as the Las Vegas of the East, its extensive number of luxury hotels often each have their own first-class amenities, restaurants, casinos, entertainment, and shopping centers. Macau itself is both a small territory and one of the most densely populated areas of the world. Its blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture makes it a unique place to visit.

Category: The Smallest Town in the World

City: Fürstenau, Switzerland

Fürstenau, Switzerland is the smallest town in the world (that can be called a city). The region is surrounded by picturesque castles, green valleys, majestic mountains, and a winding river. But, the main draw of the area is the restaurant Schloss Schauenstein, which won 3 Michelin stars and 19 Gault Millau points. The food is inspired by the Grison Alps and features local ingredients. Schloss Schauenstein is led by Adreas Caminada who grew up in the area and transformed the region into a place food lovers flock to. The town is known for its Swiss architecture, wooden chalets, and cobblestone streets which make for a charming little vacation. Whether you spend your time going on hikes, indulging in the food, or simply marveling at the Alps, in Fürstenau you can indulge in rural tranquility.

Category: The Biggest City in the World

City: Tokyo, Japan

Many might think that the biggest city in the world would be in China or India because of their enormous populations. However, the biggest city in the world is actually in Japan. Tokyo, Japan’s capital, has risen to the top in 2023 with a citywide population of about 37 million. It is also the biggest city in the world because of how spread out it is with a wide city limit. Although Tokyo was always a fast-growing city, it experienced an understandable decline immediately after World War Two. But since then it has been getting bigger and bigger whilst also attracting interest from abroad. Today, Tokyo attracts millions of visitors every year to experience the bustling city while taking in the rich culture, cuisine, fashion, shopping, and nightlife. There are so many ways to engage the city it’s no wonder it keeps growing. Tokyo is definitely a city with the most.

Image courtesy of the Burj Al Arab

Category: City with the Most Luxurious Hotels

City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When it comes to Dubai you know it has to be on any list with “most” in the title. Dubai’s hotels are known for their opulence, unparalleled hospitality, and over-the-top luxury. For starters, the Burj Al Arab is often said to be the world’s only seven-star hotel. Its iconic sail-shaped architecture and lavish interior are quintessentially Dubai. Another iconic hotel is Atlantis, which is the center point of The Palm Jumeirah. This ocean-themed resort features a hotel suite underwater and a water park to boot. As Dubai is definitely one of the cities with the most, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Burj Khalifa. This towering structure is the jewel of Dubai’s skyline and is the tallest building in the world. Inside, you can find the Armani Hotel Dubai which features the brand’s chic style, luxury, and sophistication. The list could go on from here since Dubai has so many new hotels opening up each trying to outdo the other.

Category: The Country with the Most Islands

Country: Sweden

Sweden is often considered the country with the most islands in the world. Although the exact island count varies depending on criteria, Sweden boasts of having approximately 267,500 islands in all. This is because of its long coastline that goes from the Baltic Sea to the Gulf of Bothnia. It is known for having many famous archipelagos that give it an abundance of scenic landscapes, charming fishing villages, and plenty of water activities. These islands inspire exploration from both locals and tourists alike who can be found island hopping in the warmer months. Two of its larger islands, Gotland and Öland, are both UNESCO World Heritage sites for their history, architecture, cultural significance, and bountiful nature.

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