The Bar Tulix Review

Christine Drinan, Founder


This new-ish buzzy restaurant, in the heart of Soho, has been firmly on everyone’s best new-in-NYC list. It’s got all the components for success. Beautiful restaurant? Yes. Good looking crowd? Hey, it’s Soho, after all. More Mezcals than you can ever list, much less drink? For sure. But how’s the food? This is the review of this new-ish Mexican restaurant in NYC.


Bar Tulix is a new-ish Mexican restaurant in Soho, on Houston Street. It’s affiliated with the Lure Fishbar guys, who obviously know their seafood. They build what they know, as seafood is also main thing on the menu at Bar Tulix. As Mexican is maybe my favorite cuisine, I had very high hopes for Bar Tulix. Word to the wise: The Bar Tulix concept is differentiated Mexican cuisine. Everything from the guacamole to the caesar salad to the tacos is not what you expect, so go in with an open mind.


Of all its virtues, Bar Tulix’s location and atmosphere are its greatest assets. This is the type of spot where you can go for a second date and beyond, or show up with friends. You wouldn’t know you were in a Mexican restaurant in NYC. The dining room is candle-lit, with slick black walls and sleek tables that make the space intimate. There is a lot of dating action going on, and even though you can hear the conversation next to you, no matter; it all adds to the vibe. There’s not a large bar so don’t expect to hang comfortably for more than a drink without a seat.


If you are to put Bar Tulix on the Mexican restaurant in NYC continuum, it lies somewhere between Cosme and my personal beloved, Tacos Guey. A taco is not just a taco at Bar Tulix. I think that’s why for me, the food was underwhelming. Sometimes, you don’t need to mess with the guacamole to make it shine. It’s the quality of the ingredients that should come first. But at Bar Tulix, it’s masked and sometimes over-engineered.

For example, the guac was too creamy, maybe from the crema, and I tasted more oil than avocado. It was presented beautifully, though you wouldn’t know it was guacamole at first sight. The caesar salad had too much cheese and dressing on it, even for people who, like me, bathe their salad in the stuff. The clam toast was a “must do” recommendation by our server, and was just ehh. The sashimis was good, though not anything  you’ll remember a month later. Sometimes the dishes were heavier on the accoutrements than the seafood. Plates are on the small side. I found that you’ll need to order at least three dishes per person if you’re not doing a main.


Surprisingly the short rib, which isn’t a specialty, was one of the stronger dishes. If the seafood could simplify its preparation like the meat, the menu would actually shine more. The one thing that did shine was the Mezcal. Cocktails were excellent overall.


As far as a Mexican restaurant in NYC goes, the Bar Tulix waitstaff was very good. In three words: friendly, attentive, and energetic. The staff clearly know the menu as well as beverages, and are excited to give advice. It’s a good sign that people are happy to work there, and it showed. Hosts try their best to accommodate. Right after atmosphere, service is a close second.

Overall: 7/10. I would go back if I had to for drinks…and to have the ceviches and crudo.


Q: What makes Bar Tulix worth dining at?

A: Bar Tulix’s most appealing feature is its atmosphere; it is ideal for an intimate date night or a fun night out with friends.

Q: Does Bar Tulix offer brunch?

A: Bar Tulix offers brunch from 11a.m.-3p.m. Friday-Sunday.

Q: What is the rating of Bar Tulix as per Galavante?

A: Galavante rates this restaurant 7/10 – Worth another visit for the drinks. It also has delicious meat options, so go in with an open mind.

Bar Tulix Information

Address: 25 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012

Opening hours:

Sunday           11a.m.-10p.m.

Monday          5-10p.m.

Tuesday          5-10p.m.

Wednesday    5-10p.m.

Thursday        5-11p.m.

Friday             11a.m.-11p.m.

Saturday         11a.m.-11p.m.


Phone number:    212-334-7320

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