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There are some things, you wonder how you ever lived without. The arrival of Parisian classic Caviar Kaspia in New York City makes that list. If you don’t know Caviar Kaspia, don’t worry. It’s easy to get up close and personal with their classic baked potato and caviar. With its home at the Mark Hotel, it’s nice when all is right in the world. This is the inside review on Caviar Kaspia, a caviar restaurant in NYC.


There’s been some discussion amongst those, who clearly are in an upper income range, on whether caviar is democratized. After all, you no longer need to head to the Caspian Sea or Black Sea to get caviar, which makes it so much more “common”. Today, there are farms in everywhere from China to California, that cultivate caviar. Some of these operations are even better than the traditional Caspian and Black Sea renditions, which are polluted and over-farmed. But before you think that it’s now caviar for the people state of affairs, caviar is still darned expensive. For decent caviar, you’re looking at least around $100 for 30 grams.

So now I’ve gone into a whole diatribe about this caviar for the people discussion, on the opposite end of that is Caviar Kaspia. The original hails from Paris, and is as exclusive and posh as it gets. Its new outpost in The Mark Hotel is a caviar restaurant in NYC that is for that 1%. And I loved it.


Rich. By that I mean the decor, people, food and vibe. I could stop here, but I know I owe you more of an explanation. When you walk into Caviar Kaspia in NYC, you think that it’s been around forever, which took painstaking efforts to create. There are velvet drapes, elegant chairs that could be at your wealthy grandmother’s, wood paneled ceilings and walls accented with mirrors. Tablecloths are in the signature Caviar Kaspia turquoise, and in the evenings, old fashioned lamps light each table. They also set the table like you’re at an Oligarch’s ready to feast, which include a shot glass for vodka.

Caviar Kaspia Cigarettes

The bar is separated from the dining room by the to-go caviarteria and velvet drapes. As an ode to the original Caviar Kaspia in Paris, there are cigarettes and  lighters at the entrance, as well as the ashtrays for sale. Not like it was ever ok to sticky finger one of the ashtrays in Paris, at their caviar restaurant in NYC, it would be actual theft. But at these prices, what’s $40 or so amongst friends?

As a caviar restaurant in NYC, Caviar Kaspia fits right into the old school Upper East Side. In fact, the menage a trois amongst The Mark, the Upper East Side and Caviar Kaspia could not be more perfect. Caviar Kaspia is a place you could drop by in black tie, or in $1,000 sneakers and fit right in. Even with its formal decor and atmosphere though, there is somehow nothing stuffy about this caviar restaurant in NYC. In fact, I would say it’s even fun, and the people watching is nothing short of brilliant.


If you are into caviar, full stop, this is the best caviar restaurant in NYC. They know how to generously welcome you at Caviar Kaspia. You are greeted with canapes of the day, which can be a homemade taramasalata on blinis. Then comes the brioche toast and butter, and homemade pickles, which are Russian traditions when guests come to your home. You could make a meal of this, but pace yourself. The menu is extensive, where there’s a whole left hand side page of caviar options. The signature dish is the caviar baked potato, where you have choices of size and type and type of caviar. It’s served with a light as air chive cream that you almost think is butter. There’s never been a potato I haven’t loved, and while it’s certainly good, I actually prefer the caviar and blinis.

Caviar Kaspia Welcome Amuse Bouche

Also on the caviar theme and of big note, are all the egg options available with caviar. You have poached, scrambled and omelets, with seven different renditions and combinations. The caviar dishes run anywhere from $95 for the most modest potato, all the way up to $3,300 for 500 grams of the top Oscietra. So is this caviar restaurant in NYC for the people? Um, definitely no.

However if you want to diversify from caviar, Caviar Kaspia has a menu with at least 30 other selections. There are the smoked fishes, lobster, salmon, king crab and halibut, along with some pasta options. There’s not a lot for vegetarians though, except for maybe a salad. Also noticeably missing are any meat dishes. If you’re into fancy food in general though, Caviar Kaspia is your spot. The food doesn’t combust, smoke or flame, but it is tops for a caviar restaurant in NYC.


For the fact that Caviar Kaspia is 1) A caviar restaurant in NYC and 2) It’s in a neighborhood known for its wealth, you would think that service is snooty. Well, it’s actually completely opposite. Their team is even nicer, more down to earth and I would even say happier, than at the food venue next door. Where you can consistently struggle with enough servers and good service for that matter at the other restaurant that shall remain unnamed, Caviar Kaspia is flawless. It goes to my theory that caviar just makes you a happier person.

Overall: 7.9/10

I wish I could sit around and eat caviar all day. On the rare occasions when I can, Caviar Kaspia is a top caviar restaurant in NYC for the go-to list.

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Q: Where is Caviar Kaspia located?

A: Caviar Kaspia is located at the ground floor of The Mark Hotel. It’s in the old Zadig & Voltaire retail space. The address is:

992 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10075

Q: Is there a formal dress code at Caviar Kaspia?

A: No, but it is a fancy place. With that said you will see people in anything from nice jeans to formal dresses.

Q: Is there a bar area at Caviar Kaspia?

A: Yes, there is a bar area, where there are maybe 6-8 seats, and a few tables for walk-ins.

Q; Is Caviar Kaspia open for lunch?

A: Yes, Caviar Kaspia is open for lunch, and they also have a to-go Caviarteria.

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