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What’s NYC without food? There are so many restaurants out there to choose from, but we’ve found one that you’ll want to return to. Veronika is one restaurant that you have to try in NYC. It’s located on the second floor of the Swedish photography museum, Fotografiska. Veronika serves a delicious blend of Eastern and Central European dishes, with a bit of French influence. You won’t be disappointed with the Veronika NYC menu. It’s a restaurant that we’re always dreaming of, so write it down and reserve your table ASAP.

What is Veronika Good For?

Dinner. Planning a date night or have a special occasion to celebrate? The atmosphere in the dining room can’t be beat. There are always a lot of small groups dining at Veronika as well. It is the perfect restaurant in NYC for a memorable evening.

Atmosphere at Veronika NYC

Walk into Veronika during daylight hours and you’ll find yourself in an opulent dining room. It’s illuminated by evening light streaming through beautifully preserved stained-glass windows. The space screams elegance with its high ceiling and brass chandeliers. It’s grand, romantic and an instant classic. 

The interior summons a bit of déjà vu, reminding you of NYC French staples Le Coucou or La Mercerie, and for good reason. The design has been carefully crafted by Roman and Williams, in collaboration with restaurateur Stephen Starr. It’s the exact same team behind those famously romantic NYC establishments. Similar to Le Coucou, Veronika is one of the few restaurants where you’ll hope your table isn’t ready upon arrival. But that’s only so you can linger at its gorgeous lobby bar. If you need to wait, it’s also a great time to peruse the Veronika NYC menu.

Why We Like Veronika NYC

Beyond the space being an absolute beauty, the service at Veronika is attentive and polite. But there’s nothing overly serious or stuffy about it. The dishes are served in lovely ornate gold plates that evoke Budapest or Viennese grand cafes. The Veronika NYC menu is an ode to Eastern European cuisine (with a French touch). It’s filled with dishes like coulibiac de saumon, chicken Kiev, lamb goulash, and pierogi.

What To Order From the Veronika NYC Menu

The poppy seed milk bread, baked on order, is served warm with cultured butter and dill oil. To start, enjoy some oysters Vladimir served Rockefeller style with herb creme, toasted rye crumbs, and pickled shallots. You also need to try the pierogi, filled with the smoothest potato purée, and paired with sour cream and caviar.

To continue, order the Soufflé Suissesse, a light egg white soufflé juxtaposed in a decadent mornay sauce that’s smooth and divine. Share it and try to save some of that poppy seed bread to soak up the cheesy sauce. Follow the soufflé up with the black cod, a superior execution of a classic menu item, accompanied by beurre blanc and charred caraflex cabbage. The coulibiac de saumon is another option, beautifully presented with mushroom duxelles, lemon rice and trout roe.

For those cold winter nights, we recommend ordering the lamb goulash from the Veronika NYC menu. Goulash is a traditional Hungarian stew that’s both hearty and tasty. Veronika has gone with lamb instead of beef and it couldn’t be tastier. Trust us when we say that you may not have room for any more food after eating this.

If you want to order something on the healthier side of things, the salade composée is far more than just a “feel good” side. It will most likely steal the show with the freshness of its market greens and delicately balanced champagne vinaigrette. One bite of this salad and you’ll be keeping it all to yourself.

Nothing Is Ever Perfect

To be clear, we absolutely love Veronika NYC. We highly recommend it, and can’t wait to go back. However:  

The only elevator operating for both the restaurant and museum exhibitions will likely have long lines and take some time to get on. You will have to wait in line even if you have a table reservation on the second floor and are not visiting the exhibitions. That sort of entrance doesn’t do justice to such a sumptuous dining experience.

We treated ourselves to an impressive Russian ten layer Medovik cake, which was fluffy and well balanced on the sweet notes. Although it was certainly good, it was not finger-licking. We suggest skipping dessert and trying another stunning appetizer instead. Perhaps we just need to go back and sample all the desserts before discarding them completely, but this was the only course where we didn’t scrape the plate. It was a shame because the cakes were all beautifully presented on a vintage trolley.

Veronika NYC Review

The atmosphere at Veronika couldn’t be better. The grand opulence of the dining room with its brass chandeliers and high ceilings will have you dreaming of Europe. It’s also one of the few restaurants in the city where the entryway is equally as impressive as the dining room. We love the variety of dishes on the Veronika NYC menu. The Eastern European cuisine comes to life in the form of beautifully presented food on opulent gold dishes. The pierogi and poppy seed milk bread are the perfect appetizers to start your dinner with. Follow this up with the Soufflé Suissesse to share. Then order the coulibiac de saumon or the salade composée for your main and you’ll be leaving one happy customer. 

The only downside to the Veronika NYC menu are the desserts. The Russian ten layer Medovik cake looks scrumptious but left us feeling slightly underwhelmed. The wait time to get onto the elevator also isn’t ideal, but it didn’t ruin our dinner. Overall, we had an incredible time at Veronika NYC, and can’t wait to return to try more of its unique European inspired dishes (and a couple of new desserts too).

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