5 NYC Restaurants for Special Occasions

Mila Grgas, Writer

You worked your a– off and scored that promotion. Maybe you had a good year in the market. Or maybe you’re celebrating a birthday, or just life itself. No matter the reason, it’s nice to do something you wouldn’t do every day. Not that everyday food in New York is a bad thing (we do have the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy). But if you have money to spend, these are five NYC restaurants for special occasions.

Brooklyn Fare

This three-Michelin-starred restaurant is both casual yet distinctly Michelin in experience. At Brooklyn Fare, the tasting menu is mostly fish and seafood with only two meat courses. The theme is Japanese cuisine with a French twist. That and they are usually not shy with the caviar, for those who choose to partake in the rendition of the evening. The wine pairing is the way to go here, to get the perfect balance with each of the courses.

The Price: $395/person


If sushi is your thing, Nakazawa’s omakase firmly makes it one of the top NYC restaurants for your special occasion. Nakazawa’s omakase is sushi nirvana, especially when served to you by Chef Daisuke Nakazawa himself. This is as fresh as it gets, from the locally and international daily sourced menu. Staples often include the toro hand roll and conger eel. Add the sake pairing, and it’s some of the best Japanese you’ll ever experience.

The Price: Starting at $150/person


The highlight of dinner at the Atera, besides the 20-course tasting menu, is the dining room. Dinner is like a show as guests in the main dining room and counter seats get prime view into the open kitchen. There will not be one dish that you could create at home. The food is culinarily next-level and prepared with precision. This is a meal that you will think about long after you’ve had the 20th course.

The Price: Starting at $298/person


The seasonal tasting menu at SAGA also has an option for private dining. SAGA is on the 63rd floor of a landmark Art Deco tower in the Financial District. Two floors in this beautiful tower are dedicated to fine dining. For full buyouts, you have access to a wraparound bar and terrace. For any special occasion, from wedding reception to board meetings, SAGA has a perfect room or a whole floor for it. And get excited, because coming soon is an observation deck on the 66th floor.

The Price: $245/person

Le Pavillon

With a unique environment, Le Pavillon creates a light and airy natural background to its “Terre et Mer” dishes. Chef Daniel Boulud focuses on vegetable- and seafood-centric dishes. Some highlights include the Betterave Sesame and the Chou Fleur Safran. The six-course tasting menu is both approachable, as in you know what you’re eating, as well as elevated. You know you’re in one of the best NYC restaurants for special occasions, with the signature Daniel service.

The Price: $125/person

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