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When you have a craving for an authentic Jamaican restaurant in NYC, Miss Lily’s is the restaurant to choose. The fantastic food, casual laid back atmosphere and friendly service will make you feel like you’re on vacation in a restaurant in Jamaica. 

The Restaurant:  Miss Lily’s




When Miss Lily’s restaurant first opened in 2011, it proved to be a quintessential New York City moment. The story is that every table in the house was packed when a chauffeured Maybach rolled up. Kanye and Jay-Z emerged from the car, like they were ‘Coming to America’. The two stars were here to lay claim to a coveted spot. 

However, they found that even kings had to wait as there were no free tables. The two celebrities were relegated to cooling their heels in their car.  

But the food at Miss Lily’s was clearly a good reason to wait, which is what they did until a free table became available.  Miss Lily’s may be the only place where Jay Z and Kanye would be willing to wait for a table at a Jamaican restaurant in NYC.

Sometimes you just need to get your fix of Jerk Chicken and the food at Miss Lily’s will bring you right back to your beach days at Round Hill.

The environment


Miss Lily’s has two NYC locations in addition to locations in Dubai and Jamaica.

Their vibrant flagship Soho restaurant includes a Jamaican style ‘Diner and Jerk Shack’ and an organic juice bar. The East Village restaurant has a colorful vintage facade and includes a Rum Bar with over 100 different types of Caribbean rum.

Both of these locations offer interiors that are guaranteed to banish NYC rainy day blues. They include chequered floors, vintage style vinyl booths, intimate Formica topped tables and patterned ceilings and walls. The variety of color and pattern help to create a tropical, happy vibe. Dining here is noisy and fun.

Miss Lily’s Soho restaurant is on hiatus until the spring due to COVID, but you can still get your hands on their delicious food at their East Village location. It’s a popular standby for weekend brunches (including a bottomless Sunday brunch) and dinner. There is also a late night menu matching the area’s lively night time scene.

The East village location offers Jamaican food to go, to eat in or to dine al fresco.

You will feel like you are on a Caribbean vacation eating at Miss Lily’s but you are also doing good at the same time as having fun. A portion of the restaurants’s profit support the Rockhouse Foundation which aims to transform and improve children’s education in Jamaica. 


Miss Lily’s must try’s


Miss Lily’s food is advertised as a modern approach to classic Jamaican cooking and it doesn’t disappoint. The freshly cooked portions are a good size, packed with flavor and are great value for money. 

This restaurant is famous for their signature chargrilled jerk chicken served with rice and peas, cod fish fritters with a spicy curry dipping sauce and Caribbean pumpkin soup.

There are mid week special dishes and you won’t be able to resist their banana pudding.  There is an extensive wine, a good range of non alcoholic drinks and a tempting seasonal cocktail menu. Make sure you try their amazing Rum Punch which is made with pineapple, orange and cranberry.

If you are looking for somewhere to satisfy your spicy food craving then Miss Lily’s is the Jamaican restaurant in NYC to head to. 


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