Lavaux Wine Bar: An Outdoor Raclette Experience in NYC

the inside of a gondola at Lavaux Wine Bar

By Rachel Singh

One day, we will all be reminiscing about how we gathered together during the pandemic and ate in a bubble. Or a chalet. Or a tent. Or in this case, a tricked out gondola.  Major props for creativity here.   It will be a story for the ages. So it’s time to enjoy that outdoor experience now to reminisce about later.  Preferably over raclette.  And some gluhwein.  Just like Switzerland, but in New York.  Welcome to Lavaux Wine Bar, your go-to spot for Swiss food in NYC.

At the Lavaux Wine Bar

At this underrated West Village wine bar, you can enjoy a hearty meal in a tricked-out gondola or Swiss chalet. Major props to The Lavaux Wine Bar for its creativity with New York City outdoor dining, which transports guests to the Swiss Alps. Just like Switzerland, but in New York. What’s even better? If you’re eating outside, you can rest assured that your dinner won’t be cold in two seconds since you’re likely eating fondue, the perfect warm meal to indulge in outdoors.  Come here for the hard-to-find and underrated Swiss wines and decadent fondue. We highly recommend the black truffle fondue, served with unlimited bread, potatoes, pickles, onions and tomatoes. Pair that with a cheese and charcuterie board or a leek tartine and a nice bottle of Swiss wine from the Lavaux region. Because this is Swiss food in NYC.

About Lavaux

Lavaux, the locale, is a UNESCO-protected wine region on the shores of Lake Geneva near Lausanne, and is famous for producing wines since at least the 12th century. The eponymous wine bar shares the region’s cuisine and wines with New Yorkers. It opened in 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped the gondola and Swiss chalet from getting good use. And there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoor dining experience, so let’s take full advantage of it.

The Atmosphere

With spring around the corner, keep this place on your go-to list for great sidewalk seating and people watching over apéro. Also, as indoor dining reopens, you won’t want to miss the tastefully decorated interior, with its modern yet inviting feel. Indoor or outdoor, this is a great date night spot for Swiss food in NYC.

At-home pro tip: Nothing beats wine and cheese for small gatherings at home, as we learned here. Order cheese and charcuterie boards from The Lavaux, along with a few bottles to go, to enjoy in your own chalet.

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