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The restaurant you’ve been eyeing on Bleecker Street for months is now open. By day, Saint Theo’s NYC is the perfect quaint Italian restaurant. At night, though, we would say it’s become one of the more sceney openings in recent New York history. This is where the Uptown meets Downtown crowd. And it’s where people go not just to eat, but to immerse themselves in the Italian experience. It clearly has the atmosphere nailed, but how’s the food? Here’s our first-look review of Rob Goldman and Kyle Hotchkiss Carone’s latest restaurant. 

The Atmosphere at Saint Theo’s NYC

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones who eagerly awaited the opening of Saint Theo’s NYC. The décor is one of the most striking aspects of the restaurant. Colorful green walls, pale yellows, Ravello-esque printed ceilings and a perfectly sized bar all catch your eye. And you can’t miss the Pirelli calendars and vintage Venetian posters lining the walls either. It’s lively for sure. Even with a packed house, you can still hear your dinner companions, as well as the conversations of those around you. Here’s where the Uptown finance crowd and the West Village neighborhood locals intersect. And quite honestly, the interaction between the two is not always pleasant. People are intense at times, especially since everyone thinks they’re VIPs. It’s the place to be for residents of all geographical locations in NYC at the moment. 

Creamy soup with tomatoes on top and a plate of bread with balsamic glaze.

The Service at Saint Theo’s NYC

Despite the challenges of the guests here, the service borders on great. As you can imagine, this dazzling restaurant is fully booked weeks in advance. If you don’t have a reservation, they are politely apologetic. However if you do, then it’s like Norm on Cheers. Michael, the manager, seems to know everyone’s name and bartenders take their cocktail responsibilities very seriously. It’s like there’s a never ending flow of negronis and spritzes coming from the bar. The service at Saint Theo’s NYC, considering how packed it is, is very impressive.

Large fish served with mint leaves and mint sauce at Saint Theo's NYC.

The Food at Saint Theo’s NYC

We expected this to be all scene and merely mediocre food, but that’s happily not the case. Executive chef Ashley Rath brings the coastal Italian influenced menu to life. If you’ve been to Dirty French before you may recognize her name. With starters such as the tuna crudo on the menu, and a main dish of branzino served with mint pesto, you’ll be transported to Italy in no time. The cuttlefish are also a very Venetian dish worth trying. The pastas are solidly good, as are the smaller bites like the baccalà mantecato, which is a unique item on the menu. The generously portioned salads are perfect for sharing, and there’s an excellent selection of oysters too. Saint Theo’s NYC is like the next level of our beloved Sant Ambroeus. It’s definitely worth a try.

Overall: 7/10

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