Where to Celebrate Pride this Month

A Part of Pride History: The Stonewall Inn

In June of 1969, the NYPD raided legendary gay bar The Stonewall Inn for illegally serving gay patrons. This violent raid sparked the Stonewall Riots, a true turning point in the fight for gay rights. Exactly one year later, various Gay activist groups gathered to honor this struggle. Together they held the very first Gay Pride Parade, known then as the “Christopher Street Liberation Day”. Due to those first revolutionaries at Stonewall, the month of June is now a time for remembering, honoring, and celebrating a community of resilience and solidarity all across the world. So in honor those first revolutionaries, this is where to celebrate Pride in NYC this month.

Mark Your Calendars

This June, New York City’s Pride Month events return to a fully in-person agenda for the first time in two years. 2022’s Pride Parade takes place on Sunday, June 26th. To ensure you have the best pride possible, we created a roster of Galavante-approved (and parade route-approved) bars. Everyone’s ideal pride celebration is different, but don’t fret. Whether you’re looking for a swanky escape from the crowds or to keep the party going all night, we’ve got you covered.

Employees Only

So your social battery is full, but your legs desperately need a rest from the parade. Break off from the crowd around Christopher Street and head North on Hudson. Here you’ll find Employees Only. The 1920’s prohibition-inspired bar is serving upscale food and drinks. Employees Only describes their ambience as  “mysterious, convivial and hospitable” , a perfect balance of fun and swank for pride. If that doesn’t sell you, maybe the drinks will. Herb-infused liquors grace their classic cocktails (lavender gin… sign us up!), while inventive combinations make up their “modern hits” menu. Fuel up for the rest of your night with oysters on the half-shell or a brioche grilled cheese. And of course, celebrating pride in a West Village speakeasy feels right on the nose. 

Katana Kitten

When a bar is named one of the best in the world, “unpretentious” isn’t exactly the word you would expect to describe it. But that’s exactly the contradictory balance achieved by Katana Kitten. From the perfectly moody lighting to inventive drink presentation, this bar is known for its attention to detail. For example, order a martini and you’ll be served a wooden box filled with ice (the deconstructed martini nestled inside). Their food is equally creative, serving up Asian-American bar food like white miso deviled eggs and nori fried. Essentially, the theme of Katana Kitten is FUN. And what could be more appropriate for Pride?

The Duplex

Oysters and deconstructed martinis are great, don’t get us wrong. But if your ideal pride celebration includes “a nonstop party of comedy and music”, then The Duplex is your spot. As New York City’s longest-running piano bar, this joint is a West Village staple for the Gay community. The multi-venue establishment features a myriad of ways to spend your night, from their upstairs performance space to the classic cabaret stage used for drag shows and off-broadway showcases. They’re serving up slightly more basic libations than some of the other trendy West Village bars, but we’re not complaining. The focus here is the energy, and The Duplex has just about mastered that. 

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