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Top 5 Chinese Food Restaurants in NYC

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We’re putting it out there: NYC may just have the best Chinese food in the world.

And we’re talking everything, from classic white-gloved waiters and nightly bespectacled noodle shows, to sexy-vibed cavernous downtown spots, where food and scene compete for the top spot. This Lunar New Year is the Year of the Pig, which may just be the excuse to pig out (but with poise, of course). This is our list for Chinese New Year, and all-year-round best Chinese food in Manhattan:

Chinese Tuxedo

Why we like it: Chinese Tuxedo is the scene-y, cool place to eat Chinese food. It’s location is authentic because it’s pretty much in Chinatown –  kind of in downtown Chinatown. The people are beautiful, and it’s a great place to go with a group of friends, and just order it up.

What to order: Definitely, order the Tuxedo BBQ Pork Buns, and you won’t go wrong. Their Shrimp Shumai has an elevated twist with Trout Roe, which is another must-have. And for the entrée, get the Whole Lobster Hong Kong Style with Egg Noodles and Garlic Butter. Also, if you’re in the mood for something different, while Chinese Tuxedo is Chinese through and through, they make delicious Raw Scallops and Hamachi, which are a little less traditional, and much lighter. 


Why we like it: Although Philippe is a place of real Chinese food, they make it in such a way for upper east siders that it’s as light and healthy as Chinese food can get. They’ve been attracting some of NYC’s most sophisticated foodies for 15 years now – and will probably continue to do so.

What to order: Philippe is known for their dumplings – it’s dumplings as far as the eye can see, and they’re definitely worth it. The White Prawns are another must-have, and all Peking-Duck-related dishes are tender and juicy. The Walnut Sesame Prawns appetizer also deserves an honorable mention.


Mission Chinese Food

Why we like it: This place is hardcore Chinese food. All out. But the people are trendy and the atmosphere truly sexy. They also have two NYC locations – one in Manhattan, and one in Brooklyn.

What to order: Mission Chinese is very pork-heavy. But, every once in a while they sneak in a good Lobster Egg Roll. The Lobster And Coconut Fried Rice is piquant and original, and the Hickory Smoked Prime Rib is worth ordering too. They really shine with their pork though.  




Why we like it: Even if you’re not a Chinese food fan, you’re still a RedFarm fan. There’s something for everyone on the menu.

What to order: We recommend the Shrimp-Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, and the Chinese Broccoli with Superior Shiitake Mushrooms. But most importantly, don’t forget the dumplings. The “Pac Man” Shrimp Dumplings, which are amazing seafood dumplings with Pacman faces on them, are our go-to. Even the harshest of critics of Chinese food recognize that RedFarm dumplings are about as authentic as you’ll get outside of Hong Kong.

Mr. Chow

Why we like it: Mr. Chow has been around since 1979. It’s one of those restaurants where you used to go with your parents, and where your grandkids will go. Everyone knows each other there. We’ve also never seen the menu at Mr. Chow – someone always takes charge and orders everything on the menu (and hopefully also pays). But there is a reason for as to why elite foodies go there.

What to order: Mr. Chow is renowned for the show they make with their noodles. The chef (Chef Sammy Shao Hua Deng is one of the most well-known high Chinese cuisine chefs in the world) will come out and make a whole demonstration of how they make their noodles fresh – so naturally, we recommend the Mr. Chow Noodles and Ma Mignon. Their Beijing Duck is also said to be one of the best in the world – and they don’t fall short of that title.

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