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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

abcv Power Breakfast

We are still the city that never sleeps, and for you go-getters, the city that doesn’t sleep in. For everyone else, breakfast may just be the reason to roll out of bed just a little earlier. Whether you’re in the fashion industry, the finance industry, you are a titan of industry, or you just like pancakes, here are the spots where you’ll want to be for the best breakfast in NYC.

Balthazar Bar


It can be hard to depend on restaurants in New York City, but some tried and true spots hold it down. Balthazar is one of them. Nowhere will you find a better breadbasket, or a more regular and eclectic crowd. While some return for the cocktails and apps, others return for the breakfasts and brunches. We fall in the latter category. Balthazar has one of the best breakfasts in NYC.

The French Brasserie in the heart of Soho is notably gorgeous, which keeps it packed almost 30 years into its tenure. As for the food, there’s nothing that cures a hangover better than Chef Mcnally’s brioche french toast. Hearty egg dishes, and quiches and a full english breakfast round out the breakfast menu leaving nothing to be desired. There’s also a full pastry menu which satisfies a sweet tooth, or makes for a delicious little morsel to share. If you opt for the brunch menu, you can also order more savory options like the famous steak frites, or tartare.

The Regency

The Regency at the Loews Hotel has a reputation for hosting a swell of Wall Street regulars. But it isn’t the happy hour or even lunch they’re after. Instead, its the “power breakfast” coined by hotel owner, Bob Tisch in the mid 70s that draws New York’s power people out from their apartments in the morning. During a time of financial instability, Tisch invited the city’s elite to come talk business over a breakfast at the grill.

Today, the breakfast remains just as powerful, serving crowds everyday who fuel themselves with the smoked salmon benedict or a healthier egg white frittata. Of course, the belgian waffle breakfast sandwich is always a good option. While the days of the traditional power breakfast are no more, the energy remains evident in the sea of suits you’ll see at the bar. So take it back to where it all started at the place that serves one of the OG best breakfasts in NYC.


There are a lot of mediocre vegetarian restaurants in this city. The best is one you won’t even think of as focusing on plant-based options. Instead, you’ll come to think of it as the best restaurant for breakfast point blank. With Jean George at the helm, abcV highlights fresh and seasonal produce, across a large menu. And while some imitation dishes are served, many focus on the ingredients themselves which is exactly what you’re looking for when on the hunt for a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Fluffy semolina and almond flour pancakes might not sound like a tummy-rumbling or mouthwatering option. But don’t knock it ’till you try it. And if you’re feeling indulgent, the vegan pastries could fool you. Or, it’s just that a pastry chef can never go wrong when handling chocolate. Regardless, the best breakfasts in NYC can be vegan. We know, its shocking.

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Q: Where should I go for pastries?

A: Balthazar or abcV, but Balthazar has the biggest and best menu.

Q: Where can I get a “power breakfast”

A: The Regency is the originator of the “power breakfast”.

Q: What if I don’t eat meat?

A: Breakfast tends to be carb-heavy anyways, so you’ll find options at all three. But abcV caters specifically to the non-meat eaters with vegan options.

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