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The Best Beach Clubs for Summer

Abigail Hanley, Staff Writer

Le reserve beach club

Club 55
The Beach Club: Le Club 55

Location: Ramatuelle on Pampelonne Beach

Le Club 55 is like the OG of beach clubs in the world. It’s been open sincce 1955, making it one of the original beach clubs in St. Tropez. Far before designers from Burberry to Cavalli to Dior took over the beach club scene, there was Le Club 55. Blue sunbeds and straw huts cover the beach, allowing you to soak up the sun or take it easy in the shade. Cottages and cabins are available, in case you prefer an extended stay. Fresh seafood is served at Le Club 55 Restaurant, in addition to baskets of homegrown fruits and vegetables. The club is especially known for their delicious crudités. The bar serves several wines sourced from the club’s own Domaine des Bouis and La Mole farms.

The Beach Club: Loulou

Location: Pampelonne Beach

Loulou has a nostalgic atmosphere that transports you back in time. The club’s beach area is well-known for its stunning beauty, making it the perfect place to relax in a lounger and watch the waves roll in. The restaurant serves both French and Italian cuisine in addition to unique cocktails. Bottle service is available as well.

Dior Pop-Up
The Beach Clubs: Pop Ups by Dior 

Location: Changes regularly

Dior has taken over quite a few major beach clubs in the past. Pop-ups have appeared in cities like Marbella, St. Tropez, and Kuala Lumpur. A new Dior beach club takeover can be expected in St. Tropez this summer, and due to Paris hosting the 2024 Olympics Games, it’s likely to be a hotspot. So far, Toile de Jouy has been the common motif in each Dior pop-up. Large cabanas, sparkling pools and fresh Mediterranean cuisine are also common at Dior pop-ups.


Ember Beach Club
The Beach Club: Ember Beach Club

Location: One & Only Desaru Coast in Malaysia

 Ember Beach Club has something for everyone, including live music, water sports, plenty of comfortable loungers and a fantastic sunset view. Barbecue-lovers will especially enjoy the cuisine. Michelin-starred Chef Andrew Walsh takes pride in serving meals cooked to perfection with flavors from all over Asia.

Casa Jondal
The Beach Club: Casa Jondal

Location: Balearic Islands, Spain

Casa Jondal has been called the best beach club in Ibiza. It is located by the beautiful San José Beach. Since the club opened in 2020, its food, service and views have attracted celebrity clientele. The restaurant is one of the most unique parts of Casa Jondal, letting you choose specific seafood items and decide how they are to be cooked, rather than ordering a dish from their menu. 

Purobeach Palma 2024
The Beach Club: Purobeach Palma

Location: Mallorca, Spain

Purobeach Palma is known for its incredible ocean views and prime swimming location. The club is complete with a swimming pool, lounge, terrace, multiple restaurants and a fully-equipped wellness center. It is the place to sip a cocktail, listen to the ocean and eat all the food your heart desires. The meals are exciting and eclectic as the club’s restaurants serve cuisine from all over the world.

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