5 Best Beach Clubs to Know

Nammos Dubai

It’s really nice when someone is on hand to refill your glass of rosé. Bring you a bite when you feel a little nip of hunger. Move the umbrella so you have the perfect combination of shade and sun. Add a comfy front-row lounger to survey the scene of beautiful people, and you’re in business. These five best beach clubs around the world just do it right.

Beach Club: Nammos

Location: Dubai

Why We Love It

You might remember Nammos from Mykonos, indisputably one of the best beach clubs on the Greek island. Well, that famous beach club where A-listers like Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are known to hang has made its way across the Mediterranean and desert to Dubai. The original Nammos has the air of exclusivity and a menu to drool over. And you know how it goes: Everything in Dubai is bigger and better. Set on a perfect beach at the Four Seasons, the new Nammos is for passing long, lazy days in the sun, and then cranking it up at night when it’s time to party.

Beach Club: Fontelina

Location: Capri

Why We Love It

What is summer without the Amalfi Coast? We think it’s true that you can’t know the season until you’ve laid on a beach lounger beneath the faraglioni with the famous peach sangria in your hand. Fontelina, one of our favorite beach clubs, is tucked beneath the cliffs of the Amalfi and offers incomparable views of the Mediterranean. The rocky shore is unbeatably beautiful, and the club doesn’t interfere with the surrounding natural beauty. Such minimal interference attracts elite celebrities from the world over who want to relax in one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you can manage to get in, we recommend coming for the whole day and saving room for lunch. The freshly caught seafood is better than you can imagine.

Beach Club: Scorpios

Location: Mykonos

Why We Love It

Mykonos is notorious for the beach clubs that come alive in the early evening and stay pumping until the sun rises again. While it can be fun to pound drinks and be a bikini-clad partygoer in when in your early 20s, at some point, the college vibes are too much. Enter Scorpios. Though this is one of the best beach clubs on Mykonos, you won’t find a bunch of overserved kids partying all night long. Instead, an eclectic mix of EDM and traditional Greek instrumental music pairs with tasteful wine and cocktails for an experience more chill and Zen than anywhere else in the area. The highlight for us is the sunset ritual that involves a bonfire and incense to ignite the nocturnal spirits of the sacred beach. The food here is a little pricey, and it’s reservation only, but the experience is so worth it for a night you will actually want to remember.

Beach Club: Club 55

Location: Ramatuelle

Why We Love It

“The customer is not king here … because he is a friend,” is the famous philosophy behind this exclusive club in St. Tropez. Usually, at Galavante, we look for places that will treat you like royalty, but sometimes, the gold we’re after is the golden rule of friendship. At Club 55, the rich and famous prance around in bikinis and board shorts while sipping on rosé, but no big fuss is made. For those with the means, we recommend reservations at the restaurant where the prime activity is people watching. But lounging on the beach with a glass of rosé is just as good. And they keep it flowing. We’re serious, they must go through more bottles of rosé here than anywhere else in the world. Which, of course, is a good enough reason to make this one of the best beach clubs in the world.


Beach Club: Cotton Beach Club

Location: Ibiza

Why We Love It

Every celebrity from the Kardashians to Ed Sheeran has been clubbing in Ibiza. It goes without saying. The immaculate beaches and cool crowds make it a prime location for a party-filled vacation. The island has a carefree, let-loose vibe that caters to those with the means. But while there are ample spots to choose from, nowhere quite does Ibiza like Cotton Beach Club. The all-white aesthetic draws in a top-notch crowd looking to pose for a pic after lunch. The food is also unbelievably good, mixing Asian, South American and Spanish flavors. Seating under the veranda allows for a shady and relaxing spot for people watching and relaxing as the sun dips beneath the horizon.

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