Travel Like Timothée Chalamet

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

Destination: Seoul Korea

The Spot: Woo Sum, Edition Denmark, Apgujeong Neighborhood 

Timothée Chalamet arrived in Seoul to promote Dune 2 in late February. Fans greeted the young actor immediately, like most upcoming superstars. Despite the crowds of admirers, the celeb hit a few local spots in his free time. 

Up first is Woo Sum, a restaurant specializing in Hanwoo beef – a rare meat from cattle exclusively bred in Korea. We’re talking grade-A cuts of premium beef served Korean BBQ style. Chalamet’s approval of course adds to the allure, but Woo Sum’s food quality speaks for itself. 

Edition Denmark. Courtesy of Edition Denmark on Facebook.

Chalamet also waits for a coffee at Edition Demark. As a staff member records him as he waves a friendly hello with the signature bubbly and awkward charm thats made him a heartthrob.

Edition Denmark is well known in South Korea for its premium Danish products. They carry the Danish royal purveyor brand A.C. Perch’s Thehandel sought-after tea and natural Danish honey. The coffee shop partners with The Coffee Collective – started by World Coffee Competition Champions, to make specialty light roasts.

If you want to sip the same brew Chamalet chose, order the Coffee Collectives Filter Hot Cafe Perez. 

He also window shopped at the luxury stores in the wealthy Apgujeong neighborhood, caught on video by fans. Chalamet is revered for his fashion sense, whether on the red carpet or a casual coffee run. The Call Me by Your Name actor has mastered street style with added elements of luxury fashion. If he’s shopping here, it’s safe to say we should all be taking notes.

Destination: Venice, Italy

The Spot: The St. Regis Venice

The St. Regis Venice. Courtesy of The St. Regis Venice on Facebook.

In 2022 Chalamet enjoys a cocktail at St. Regis Venice’s Arts Bar with the actor Stéphane Bak, according to People Magazine. The St. Regis Venice has been around for 150+ years, so it’s no wonder the luxury stay houses celebrities with its impressive portfolio. The property is right on the Grand Canal with unparalleled views, oversized beds, and ten suite choices. The Arts Bar’s drinks are inspired by artists of Venice’s past, like Monet and Banksy. It’s a great option if you’re trying to immerse yourself in the culture and sneak in a cocktail in honor of Chalamet.

Destination: NYC

The Spot: Houston St. Basketball Court

Chalamet is a New York City native and familiar with the city streets. He currently resides in Midtown. Just last summer, he played a friendly game of basketball with none other than Adam Sandler. The two were spotted on Houston St. playing with court regulars. Chalamet did mention wanting a rematch not too long ago on The Tonight Show, so we have our fingers crossed for a second appearance.

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