Martha Stewart

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Martha Stewart

We’re closing out International Women’s Month with the Boss, capital B, herself. Martha is the OG, and we not only follow her Insta for caviar goals, but also travel goals. It’s clear that where Martha travels, is where to be. These are the places to put on the travel list.

The Destination: Las Vegas

When Martha Stewart touches down in Vegas, it’s for one thing: her very own home away from home, The Bedford. Looking like somewhat of a replica of her very own farmhouse in Westchester, the Paris Hotel Vegas version is an oasis of calm in the replica village designed to resemble Paris. While she is not the owner, nor chef, she inspired the range of seasonal French and Italian-American classics on the menu. She also had copper pans and a pergola identical to hers imported.

Because Martha invented ‘do-it-yourself’, there’s no reason to travel to go to a restaurant that is mostly just Martha themed. But, the queen deserves something of a shrine in her honor. And we likely won’t get the invite to the real deal.

The Destination: Malibu

Martha Stewart has a reputation unlike any other. At 82, she’s been featured in Sports Illustrated and is no stranger to a selfie that gives a little tease. Not only is she an icon to her fans, she’s also an easily recognized figure by those in famous circles who also look up to her.

That all said, when she goes out, she gets noticed. In Malibu, she happened upon Pete Davidson and Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski at Nobu. Let it also be known that Martha Stewart is a woman of taste, so she won’t be seen just anywhere. Nobu has an ambiance and a reputation suitable for the queen.

The Destination: Tuscany

Sure, she’s a media mogul and OG influencer, but in the most high brow way, of course. Marth is also one of the most well-traveled of any celebrity, with a roster of hotels that puts the rest of us to shame. On that list of where Martha Stewart travels is last but not least, Tuscany. Martha almost broke the internet with one of her best steamy poolside selfies at Hotel Castello di Reschio in Tuscany. The 1,000 year-old castle is relatively new on the scene, undergoing a dramatic renovation and adopting its new identity as a hotel.

This is where Martha Stewart travels to get a dose of history as well as a chance to really decompress at this remote, quiet-luxury retreat. She disappeared by the pool which is nested in olive groves and cyprus trees. And as for feeling relaxed, there is no better location to do it. Rolling hills dot the Umbrian skyline for as far as the eye can see.

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Q: Where did Martha Stewart run into Pete Davidson?

A: Nobu in Malibu

Q: Where is Martha Stewart’s themed restaurant?

A: The Bedford is located in the Paris Casino in Las Vegas.

Q: Where does Martha escape by herself?

A: The Hotel Castello di Reschio in Tuscany.

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