Musicians with Restaurants

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

When you’re good, you’re good. That’s certainly the case with these musicians, who do more than play a few guitar strings, or belt out a tune or three. In addition to having mad skills in their craft, they’re in the food biz too. These are musicians with restaurants, that are worthy of a try.

The Restaurant: The Twelve Thirty Club

The Twelve Thirty Club. Courtesy of The Twelve Thirty Club website.

The Musician: Justin Timberlake
Location: Nashville, Tennessee 

This one’s on the upscale side, so pull out your favorite dinner dress. Justin Timberlake collaborated in 2021 with 12-time Beard Award nominee – Sam Fox to make Nashville history. In a city filled with excellent food options it’s hard to compete, unless you create something outside the box. That’s what Fox and Timberlake have done with a 400-seat, multiple-level supper club. 

The first floor is Honky Tonk, filled with live music from new local talent and American Cuisine. Second is Honorary Member with a sexy, dimly lit interior, small plates, and up to 50 cocktails. Third, is the Supper Club and rooftop serving up nothing but indulgent delicacies like wagyu and black truffle dishes. The Twelve Thirty Club has prohibition-era influence mimicking the luxury of staying open until midnight. So, you’ll have plenty of time to move through the different levels.

The Restaurant: Fleetwood’s On Front St.

The Musician: Mick Fleetwood
Location: Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Mick Fleetwood, AKA drummer of the popular rock band – Fleetwood Mac, opened Fleetwoods on Front St. in 2012. While the location on Front Street has more casual dining experiences, Fleetwood’s added leveled up with a more sophisticated vibe. The dishes directly reflect the elevated atmosphere with dishes like oysters, Beef Wellington, and mahi mahi.  

Fleetwood’s on Front St. outdoor area. Courtesy of Fleetwood’s on Front St. Instagram and Stoked Shutters Media.

Unfortunately, Fleetwood’s on Front St. suffered severe damages during the Maui fires in 2023. As for right now, a reopening date has yet to be announced. But because we love Maui and we love Fleetwood Mac, it makes our list for the top restaurants owned by musicians.  Especially since they are currently focusing on funding the staff that have lost their homes and livelihood.

The Restaurant: Joanne Trattoria

The Musician: Lady Gaga
Location: Upper West Side, NYC

Lady Gaga isn’t an official owner of her parents’ traditional family-style Trattoria. However, her presence is felt in the details like family photos. Joanne’s has an old-time cozy vibe with white tablecloths and family recipes. Open since 2012 and named after Gaga’s Aunt, a fellow artist, the restaurant proves that art runs deep in the family. 

Joanne Trattoria. Courtesy of Joanne Trattoria website.

 Cynthia and Joe Germanotta steer clear from gimmicks and allow the simple food to speak for itself. Their signature dishes range from Meat Lasagna with Vodka Sauce to Lamb Osso Bucco with garlic mashed Potatoes. Of course, there are a few entertainment acts, like drag shows – it’s inevitable to have elements of performance when related to a queen of pop. If you’re a Lady Gaga fan, step into her past at this classic Trattoria.

The Restaurant: Soul Kitchen

The Musician: Jon Bon Jovi
Location: New Jersey

Jon Bon Jovi, lead singer and founder of the famous rock group, has a knack for starting iconic enterprises, and Soul Kitchen community restaurant is no different. The musician was born in New Jersey, making it the perfect place to give back to the community that helped him grow as a creative. 

Jon Bon Jovi in Soul Kitchen. Courtesy of Soul Kitchen website.


Soul Kitchen’s initiative is to help provide those unable to afford food security, with a tasty and healthy meal. They don’t skimp on the portions either, offering a locally sourced three-course meal including a soup or salad, entree, and dessert. No reservation is needed, and payment is donation-based with a pay-it-forward concept for those unable to pay the donation. Instead, volunteering is encouraged for people unable to pay . No need to live on a prayer, for those looking to give back, help Bon Jovi answer them instead.

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