Sofia Richie

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Sofia Richie Grainge

Talk about someone who has had a good year. First was her epic wedding at the Hotel du Cap; then came the honeymoon at the One&Only Maldives. And now, she’s just about to become a mom. Goal-worthy travels are sure to follow.

Ciragan Palace

The Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

The Hotel: Ciragan Palace Kempinski

She’s barely in her mid-twenties and yet she’s something of a trendsetter when it comes to travel. When Sofia Richie travels, her famous friends follow. And those who know her and follow her likely do so for her sumptuous vacay pics. Our bet is that her married years will lead her into a new era of travel in which she trades rosé and bikinis for hiking boots and binoculars. In other words, we’re betting on some cultural exploration. Istanbul has thousands of years of history as the center of major empires. We think she’ll be struck by the famed architecture, delicious food, and energy of the place where multiple bustling civilizations have risen.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski also makes for Richie-Grainge-worthy accommodations. The building was originally built in the 17th century as a royal gift by a sultan to his daughter. Fittingly, the hotel has retained an Ottoman-chic ambiance bringing plush velvets, delicate motifs, and four poster beds. Guests also become acquainted with a range of Turkish brands and companies.


The Destination: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Hotel: Belmond Hotel Copacabana Palace

There was a time when Sofia could run around the South of France without a care. Now, she’ll have a family to consider. But where Sofia Richie travels will never be boring. Rio might just be the place where she can get in her beach fix, along with cool activities that her kiddo will love. She can samba, listen to bossa nova, and enjoy an incredible Carnival right in the heart of Rio. Away from city life, the mountains offer vast views over the coast for hiking, and of course, there’s always a party on the beach.

Belmond Copacabana will also ensure that all of Sofia’s needs are taken care of. In addition to its theatrical and awe-inspiring palace, the hotel offers private terraces, ocean views, and Michelin-starred dining options. If you know Rio, you likely know Copacabana.

The Destination: Marrakech, Morocco

The Hotel: Royal Mansour Marrakech

It might be hard to impress someone like Sofia Richie, but the captivating history of Marrakech just might do it. And where Sofia Richie travels should open a window to worlds that other celebrities should visit. In Marrakech, a complex multicultural history lends to a cultural style so popular, that people have designed their houses around it. Those who visit say they wish they had done so sooner, as the food, discotheques, outdoor markets, and historic monuments ensure that no one gets bored.

And as for accommodations, we’d put her up at the Royal Mansour Marrakech. The hotel has a reputation unlike any other. Guests are treated as akin to royalty, and the rooms make everybody feel that they are. Baccarat chandeliers, gilded riad-style suites, and a hammam spa define the unique universe the hotel creates.

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Q: Where should Sophia Richie stay in Istanbul?

A: Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Q: Where should Sophia Richie stay in Rio?

A: Belmond Copacabana Palace

Q: Where should Sophia Richie stay in Marrakech?

A: Royal Mansour Marrakech

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