Where Celebs Stay in the Maldives

Sophie Turner - Maldives Travel Article

If there’s a place that belongs on the list of any luxury hotel junkie, warm-weather sun worshiper, or person who just wants the best of everything, it’s the Maldives. Luxury is the baseline for this archipelago in the Indian Ocean, where the water is impossibly turquoise. This is where celebs stay in the Maldives, and where you want to stay.

One&Only Maldives Sofia Richie's Honeymoon Hotel Huts

The Hotel: One&Only Reethi Rah

The Celebrities: Sophia Richie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Idris Elba


One&Only has a reputation for being more subdued than some of the other resorts in the Maldives. The hands-off approach from the staff attracts celebs who love to stay under the radar. The vibe also works for honeymooning couples.

The 118 standalone villas offer different experiences, from beachfront rooms to larger pool villas. The overwater villas beloved across the Maldives offer a private enclave with pool loungers, outdoor dining, hammocks, and even private buggies so you don’t have to see anybody all week if you don’t feel like it.

The dining experiences are the best time to make a social appearance if you feel like it. Eight restaurants range in style and flavor, from traditional Japanese at Tapasake to Middle Eastern at Fanditha. Breakfasts are served at Earth, the overwater restaurant, which has one of the best buffets in the Maldives. The resort also does unique al fresco nights, with an outdoor market-style dining experience where you can sample different stalls while a DJ plays music.


The Hotel: Soneva Fushi

The Celebrities: Sophie Turner, Millie Bobby Brown, Madonna


Soneva Fushi understands that you don’t just need a food or spa menu, but also a pillow and duvet menu (we recommend you go with silk). Because, a resort befitting to celebs will be customizable and luxurious at every opportunity.

As for the accommodations, the one-nine-bedroom villas each have a distinct flare with various add-ons. There are pools, water slides, private spas and saunas, kids’ rooms, and private beaches. The “no shoes, no news” policy also extends to the residences where technology is conveniently difficult to find. Expert info suggests that Wifi signals are the most disruptive to your sleep, and Soneva makes it easy to shut it off.

The best feature is perhaps your very own Mr. or Mrs. Friday, your butler, who can and will make all of your dreams come true. They’ll make sure everybody knows your name and can facilitate any activity from kayaking to private dining to treatments at the Six Senses spa.

The Hotel: Cheval Blanc Randheli

The Celebrities: Prince William and Kate, Roger Federer, Jennifer Aniston


While other resorts won’t make you wear shoes, Cheval Blanc lets you make use of the sundresses you pack for the Instagram pictures. The dress code is fit for celebs.

The villas will make you feel like the upper echelon, as well, with modern architecture that exudes luxury. The smallest is 2,600 sq. ft., and the largest is basically an entire resort on its own private island. If you don’t want to see another soul, you don’t have to.

The amenities also go the extra ten miles, with the only Guerlain spa in the Maldives, which also has its own island. Alchemists are on call to design perfect experiences, from cooking classes to boat rides, to exclusive pop-up music events.

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Q: How many rooms does One&Only have?

A: 118

Q: Which resort in the Maldives has a “no shoes, no news” policy?

A: Soneva Fushi

Q: Does Cheval Blanc have a villa on a private island?

A: Yes, Cheval Blanc has a four-bedroom villa on a private island.

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