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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Rihanna Robyn Rihanna Fenty

She’s the queen. Period. When you get to Rihanna’s level, your talent opens up the world to you. Rihanna’s travels from her hometown of Barbados to cover shoots for Vogue are like a luxury bible of travel.

The Destination: Barbados

Hotel: Sandy Lane

Anyone lucky enough to be from an island will tell you that they will return any chance they can get. Being from Barbados is a flex, and one that Rihanna is famous for. The Bajan queen has become somewhat of an emblem for culture in Barbados, with a street named after her, and many official titles. These days, she comes home to a multimillion dollar home on the beach.

The house is part of the Sandy Lane compound, and is said to be the single most luxurious home on the island. Sandy Lane has a reputation almost as shiny as Rihanna, with over 60 years of celebrity guests under their belt. However, you can also rent out Rihanna’s childhood home on Rihanna Drive for a humbler, perhaps more authentic stay.

The Destination: New York City

Hotel: The Greenwich Hotel

Because she’s so busy, places where Rihanna travels often have a booking or event for her to attend. And with so many properties under her ownership, its rare that she is seen in a hotel on vacation. But while NYC has been a destination for Riri for fashion weeks, performances, and events, she’s also been seen in the city just hanging out.

Last year, she took her niece, Majesty for a chill shopping trip to Target, before returning to the Greenwich Hotel for an early night. Despite his Harlem roots, Rihanna left ASAP at home, which may have been the reason she chose to relax. The Greenwich hotel is owned by Robert de Niro, so its no wonder that it caters to a famous clientele. He knows exactly what the crowd wants, and no detail is spared from the Shibui spa, to the penthouses, to the skylights and award winning restaurant.

The Destination Ibiza

Hotel: Atzaró Ibiza

The hotels on this list give you a sense for the opulence of where Rihanna travels. She won’t stay at just any resort. Atzaró embodies that refined yet super high luxury feel that she’s after. She may party in Ibiza, and especially at the beach club attached to the hotel. But she’ll stay out of the fray where there are ponds, orange groves, and a hotel vegetable garden.

You may not think of a rustic farm house being the best place to stay in Ibiza, but the history of place lends well to a calming retreat on the island. It also has one of the most famous spas, and recently has undergone immense renovation efforts to enhance its ecological impact.

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Q: What is the hotel where Rihanna travels in Barbados?

A: Sandy Lane

 Q: What is the hotel where Rihanna travels in New York?

A: The Greenwich hotel

Q: What is the hotel where Rihanna travels in Ibiza?

A: Atzaró Ibiza

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