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Where Celebs go in LA

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

where celebs go in Los Angeles -- Amal and George

We know, it’s redundant to have a sentence that mentions both celebs and Los Angeles. It’s the celeb sighting equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. Nevertheless, it’s always fun (including for those who are secretly into celeb fodder – no judgment here) to know the current hotspots to see your favorites in the City of Angels. Some people visit LA for the beaches and the chill vibes. Some people are chasing Hollywood. And some people are there because of the stars that come out of Hollywood. Next time you’re in LA with that friend that only ever wants to see a celebrity, we know where you should take them. Because, where celebs go in LA, the food, music, and vibes are always on point.


Who goes: George and Amal, Lizzo, Olivia Jade

Once upon a time, it was cool to be papped at the Ivy. Craig’s is the 2.0. If you get photographed here, you can say you’re a real celebrity. Paparazzi line up outside the restaurant which makes the entryway a functional red carpet. Where celebs go in LA, you can expect a highly curated publicity scheme to be happening outside.

But inside, a private and cozy dining room enables chill A-list hangouts and the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of someone notable. The menu is Italian-American so there’s really something for everyone. If you need to make a good impression in the public eye, Craig’s is an easy spot to book for dinner.

The Nice Guy

Who goes: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Gigi Hadid

The Nice Guy has a no-photos policy, which is probably the reason why this is where celebrities go in LA. It also makes it the perfect place for a secret celebrity soiree — as has been had by both Kylie and Kendall for their 18th and 20th birthdays.

As one might expect, the restaurant was specially designed to be a celeb spot. The dining room has an intimate vibe with dim lighting and plenty of cedar which makes it warm and gives it good acoustics. The menu is straightforward forward but has food that borders on very good, and includes bar bites, pizzas, and great cocktails. So, The Nice Guy is not just a place to see and be seen, and where celebrities go in LA. That’s probably why celebrities have loved the Nice Guy for years.

Georgio Baldi

Who goes: Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Taylor Swift

It’s Baldi to you.. or at least to the celebs like Rihanna who have eaten there multiple times a week. Located off the Pacific Coast Highway, Georgio Baldi has become a celebrity hideout for the famous who want a semi-private place to dine on maybe the best Italian food in LA.

You might think that the places celebs go to in LA are going to be the most high-end spots. That isn’t always the case, although Baldi prices are not for thin wallets. The Italian restaurant caters to the most elite clientele, but its humble, family-Italian restaurant energy is its backbone. The menu has remained tried and true with ingredients prepared daily in-house by the matriarch of the family. And it’s really that no-frills, authentic energy that makes it the perfect place for not-so-chill people to look like they are relaxed and casual. Giorgio Baldi may just be at the top of the list of where celebrities go in LA.

Gelson’s Gourmet Market on Franklin

Who goes: Mila Kunis, Robert Pattinson, Amanda Seyfried

Celebrities do actually live in LA which means that the best place to find them is often the grocery store. But it isn’t just any supermarket that they flock to. They go to Gelson’s — an upscale grocer with high-priced niche items and an equally upscale clientele of almond moms and party hosts. There’s a carving station, Wolfgang Puck Express, and customers who rave about items like the vegan red pepper hummus. It’s the best place to corner celebs who typically avoid the limelight.

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