Where Celebs Go in Mexico

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Orlando Bloom

Luxury hotels that offer the best margaritas, guac, and chips (which may just be the best food group, ever). The chance to show off that 6-day-a-week gym routine in a bathing suit. These are just a few of the virtues of Mexico, and the reasons why this is where celebrities travel. Here are some of the top hotels, to get your celeb sightings in.

Kaia Gerber

The Home: Casamigos

Where celebs go in Mexico, it really pays to be a nepo baby. Though Kaia is busy building her own name walking the biggest shows and dating famous men, she still enjoys the benefits of being a Gerber. Her father Rande and his bestie George Clooney have long owned neighboring luxury properties in Los Cabos.

The name of the houses, Casamigos, references the tequila brand which the pair started together, as well as the kind of living their homes facilitate. Los Cabos is located just a short plane ride from LA, which makes flying friends and family to their homes easy. While each house is technically separate, they entertain between the two. Recently, Kaia brought her new boyfriend, Austin Butler (who has been on our mind), on a family beach trip.

Kaia showed off their relationship with stunning Instagram pics of her taken by Austin while they were chilling by the pool. When and where celebs go in Mexico must be documented for the gram. Pics or it didn’t happen. And though it wouldn’t take magic to make Kaia look good in pics, Austin still gets major boyfriend points for his stellar snaps.

However, celebrities flock to Los Cabos even when they don’t have homes to travel to. One&Only Palmilla, Nobu Hotel, and Las Ventanas Al Paraiso have been favorites of the most famous for years. Jen Aniston and Kim Kardashian have both been seen vacationing multiple times at these resorts. If you’re looking to cross paths with someone snap-worthy out and about, try Squid Roe and the Cabo Wabo Cantin nightclubs.

Neil Patrick Harris

The Hotel: The Fairmont Mayakoba

Babes and bombshells love Mexico for the ample opportunities one gets to both bask in the sun and indulge in celeb-approved nightlife. But families such as that of Neil Patrick Harris also make Mexico their destination of choice. Riviera Maya, located on the opposite coast from Cabo, had a surge in celebrity travel a couple of years ago. Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, and Drew Barrymore all list Tulum as a top destination spot.

Neil Patrick Harris joined the list when he and his family traveled to Fairmont Mayakoba for his husband’s birthday. The resort has a whole host of pools, private spaces, and activities fit for the whole fam. Sometimes it can be hard to cater to younger ones. But Neil’s Instagram photos of his kids (who are adorable, BTW) make it clear that enjoying the Riviera and resort can happen regardless of your age.

Kanye West

The Hotel: Casa Wabi

We’re not recommending you do as Kanye does, but in this case — the Father’s day when he took his kids to Oaxaca — you may. The lesser-known town of Puerto Escondido is home to a luxury artist retreat called Casa Wabi. The isolated, sophisticated, beachfront retreat is an ideal place for a creative to marinate in their creative juices. For Kanye, this meant attending important meetings — some of them with his daughter, North, whose own creative talents can be seen on her wild and extensive Tiktok.

We love finding unique destinations where celebs go in Mexico, and Casa Wabi is definitely for the unique.

Orlando Bloom

The Hotel: Nobu Los Cabos

He may be a pirate of the Caribbean, and a fan of St. Barths for vacations, but Orlando returns to Mexico, time and time again. Whether it’s in Tulum where he partied at Casa Violetta, or Cancun, Mexico is clearly a favorite. Nowadays, Orlando likes to celebrate special occasions, like his sig other’s big birthday. Orlando and Katy Perry stayed at the Nobu Los Cabos with a group of friends, to ring in Katy’s 37th Birthday.


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