Austin Butler

Austin butler

These days, he’s probably best known for his performance as Elvis in the film of the same name. But to us, he’ll always be the dreamy love interest from Carrie Diaries. Austin Butler is this generation’s Brad Pitt — ageless, brilliant on screen, and never sans a beautiful woman. He also has a CV that includes Disney Channel, Broadway, and, of course, the silver screen. Someone with that many awards shows to attend and destinations to film at, must also have an impressive list of travel destinations under his belt. Here are three places where you can find Austin Butler on vacation, because clearly, he’s earned it.

The Location: Cabo

Austin Butler is the latest of Kaia Gerber’s older boyfriends. And while Pete Davidson, it seems, didn’t work out, we are cheering for Austin. He seems to have fit in seamlessly with the whole Gerber/Crawford family at their private home in Cabo over New Year’s. The couple were mostly seen canoodling, because after all, Austin Butler is on vacation. He is also is the type to patiently take the perfect bikini photo for his girlfriend.

The Gerbers own a luxury villa as part of a two-villa compound called Casamigos, after their ultra-premium tequila brand. The other villa was, of course, owned by BFF George Clooney. Even if you’re not invited to stay with the Gerbers and the Clooneys, Cabo is a celebrity hot spot. There are resorts like One&Only Palmilla, Nobu, and Esperanza Auberge that draw swaths of celebrities.

Paris france

The Location: Paris

Even though he’s a celebrity, Austin still had work to do: attending shows and supporting his model girlfriend during Paris fashion week. But he likes to keep his personal matters private. He showed face for the Off White show where Kaia and Cindy did an iconic mother-daughter catwalk. Like all good mother-daughter duos should, they rocked opposing yet complementary looks that referenced their relationship. Austin cheered from the sidelines.

Later, the couple were seen at the Cali Sisters Restaurant in Paris where they held hands and sipped lattes. It’s always fascinating to see celebrities go from walking in front of thousands of eyes to just being regular people. But that just makes Austin and Kaia all the more endearing.

The Location: Italy

No shade to Kaia, but Austin Butler’s ex, Vanessa Hudgens, kind of killed the couples vacation game. While they were dating, the couple took a road trip through small coastal towns in Italy. They spent their time hiking as well as hitting the beaches. They started in Cinque Terre, and then of course stopped in Portofino. From there, they went to Florence, the island of Elba, and a 17th-century former Tuscan monastery, Villa Rignana.

You could rent the nine-bedroom villa in Chianti. Surrounded by vineyards, it’s the perfect place to stay when you want to pretend you live in Italy. The villa has a tennis court, a pool, a grand piano, and farm animals that make the stay that much more exciting. A private chef will prepare meals with ingredients from the garden and nearby farms; and of course the wine is also made on property. From this idyllic villa, the couple moved on to Positano where they rejoined the mass of tourists and enjoyed the beautiful beaches.

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