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Traveling With Pete Davidson

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Pete Davidson vacations

We gotta’ say, this guy has game. Pete Davidson is super talented, yes. But when he dates the most beautiful and successful women in the world who range in age from 19 to 48, we all need to know his secret. So as we round out 2022, here’s an ode to Pete Davidson’s vacations around the world.Celeb Travel The Brando Pool Shot

The Destinations: French Polynesia

The Girlfriend: Kim Kardashian

Where to Stay: The Brando

Though Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian broke up recently, they shared quite a whirlwind relationship. Kim shared a little insight into his charm on their trip to French Polynesia, which is clearly special to her, as she celebrated her 40th birthday on isle. With her then-beau, Pete reportedly passed her “content taking boyfriend test” with his all-star Instagram posting skills.

They stayed at the Brando, a cluster of private villas on the lost atoll of Teti’aroa. Marlon Brando loved the isle and called it indescribably beautiful, which pretty much sums it up. And while Pete and Kim were one of the hottest couples in the world, they managed to get away from it all and enjoyed a very private Polynesian hideaway. We’ve dedicated full articles to the resort, which is a 20-minute flight from Tahiti, it’s that inspiring. In fact, The Brando is a #goals destination, for anyone into luxury hotels. It’s safe to say anything the couple could have wanted was at their fingertips, from natural lagoons to spa treatments that cost more than many people’s monthly rent.

The Destination: Miami

The Girlfriend: Kaia Gerber

Where to Stay: The Faena Hotel

While dating Kaia, Pete told sources “my love language, when I’m in a relationship, is I treat the person I’m with like a princess. You’re supposed to make that person feel as special as possible.” Well, we full-heartedly agree, although some men could take a hint. We also think there should be a new love language named after Pete, with a line like that. Though maybe he hasn’t perfected the art of making them stay, Pete has certainly mastered the art of putting women first.

After showing face together in NYC for a Charlotte Lawrence concert, Pete flew Kaia off to Faena Hotel in Miami for a friend’s wedding. The couple seems to have spent more time with some serious PDA than swimming in the pool. One of the hottest hotels in the hottest city seemed to suit the pair just fine.

The Destination: NYC

The Girlfriend: Emily Ratajkowski

Where to Stay: Aman New York

It’s still the early days for Emrata and Pete, and so far they’ve been keeping it local. Their first official outing was at a Knicks game a few weeks back, with courtside seats, of course. But when you show up at MSG,  low key was not so low key, as they sat between Jordan Sparks and Ben Stiller. Prior to that, they appeared at an intimate Friendsgiving in Brooklyn. Amidst high-profile breakups, they both seem to be keeping things under wraps. We might see them around the city in the next few weeks — maybe at Aman?

The Destination: Disneyland

The Girlfriend: Ariana Grande

One thing that stands out about Pete’s relationships is how diverse they are. Not only do his girlfriends have different careers in entertainment, they also have varying interests. And perhaps they each represent a different phase in his life. Before there was a Kim, Kaia, or Emily, Pete was engaged to former Disney star Ariana Grande. They broke it off, but during their happiest times, they enjoyed living life to the fullest at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. When you’re Pete and Ariana, you don’t have to wait in line.

They rode Space Mountain with Ariana’s family and said hello to fans. Even though their 2018 relationship is ancient history at this point, it seems that Pete learned a lot, like how to take a woman on a proper vacation.

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