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Abbey Alexander, Writer

travel like Taylor Swift

Some people get better with time. So we gotta give props to Taylor Swift, who just crushed it this year. And we mean crushed it as in making history: she took all top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 with her latest and arguably greatest album yet. In honor of Taylor’s birthday, and the bada– she is, these are the places where you can see her around town. Because we’ll all have what Taylor’s having.

Since around 2016 (the year of the infamous Kim and Kanye feud), Taylor Swift has kept her personal life pretty private. Clearly it’s worked out for her. With six album releases in three years, the pop icon is breaking records and making headlines. And when we do see her step out into the public eye, it’s always for something meaningful. For example, recording her pandemic-time album with producers in a remote studio upstate or getting much needed R&R in the Bahamas with longtime beau, London Boy Joe Alwyn. 

Taylor’s vacations are just as exclusive as the pop icon herself. But don’t worry, we’ve still got the lineup for you. From the locations that inspired some of her best work, to the star’s favorite tropical getaways: Here’s how to travel like Taylor Swift. 

Watch Hill, Rhode Island

One thing about Ms. Swift is that she loves a cohesive aesthetic. And we love her (and her vacations) all the more for it. From her homey estates to dreamy countryside escapes, Taylor’s vacay spots line up with her musical genius. And this one is debatably where it all started: The iconic holiday house in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Swift bought this historical 1930s seaside estate in 2013 for $17 million, making it the most expensive private home in Rhode Island. And she reportedly paid it all in cash. Like we said, total bada–. The destination has become synonymous with Taylor’s famous Fourth-of-July parties and her wholesome, all-American image. Taylor’s home is not available for rent, but we’ve still got the scoop on how to vacation in Rhode Island, Taylor Swift-style.

Your Stay in Rhode Island

First, you must stay at Ocean House. If not for its beachfront location and coastal-chic design, then for its proximity to Taylor’s favorite spots. A vast variety of suite and guest-room options means there’s something for everyone here, from families to newlyweds. That’s the great thing about Rhode Island — it can be as romantic, active, social, or remote as you want it to be. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Rhode Island besides relaxing in your Ocean House suite, stop by some of Taylor’s most frequent haunts. We recommend paddle-boarding at Napatree Beach or taking a cooking class at Ella’s Fine Food & Drink. Whip up some tuna tacos (the star’s favorite), and you’ll be noshing like Taylor too. 

The Lake District, Cumbria, England

Taylor’s signature destinations clearly play a large role in her songwriting process. Folkore told us all that the singer spent her 2020 quarantine reminiscing about past vacations. Stars: They’re just like us. The only difference is she turned her wanderlust into a Grammy award-winning album, which we’re still working on. Whether you’re looking to channel some of her lyrical genius or not, the Lake District in Cumbria is a must-see destination for Swfities and nature lovers alike. 

Your Stay in Cumbria

Taylor fled to the Lake District in 2019, reportedly for her and Alwyn’s three-year anniversary. The artist fell in love with Lake Windermere, which was a historical destination for escapist poets in the 19th century. For your own escape, we recommend staying at Storrs Hall. It’s a stunning Georgian mansion set on the sweeping shores of Windermere Lake. Here you’ll experience all the luxury of a personal, family-run hotel, and the historical grandeur of an epic estate. You can choose to stay in the main house or book the private boathouse or Lakeside Suites. Pro tip: An extra-intimate getaway is a crucial part of traveling like Taylor Swift.

The Bahamas 

Taylor’s most recent vacation was one for the books. She and Joe sprang for a tropical getaway in the Bahamas. The two were spotted basking in the waters of Eleuthera in June 2022. The girl works hard, and maybe plays even harder. Not only did the couple escape on a romantic holiday, they lodged beachside in Lenny Kravitz’s custom Airstream trailer. No big deal.

Your Stay in Eleuthera

So, you probably don’t have access to Kravitz’s digs. But a celebrity-status vacation is still within reach. Try the the Cove Eleuthera. It’s a luxury five-star resort nestled between two private beaches. Book a villa just steps away from the water to emulate Taylor and Joe’s oceanside experience. Yours might feel just a touch more luxurious.

If you haven’t noticed a theme, Taylor’s main criteria for a dream getaway is ultra-exclusive privacy. And this destination is about as private as it gets, with Eleuthera being named the best secret island on earth. The island is already pretty isolated, so the dreamy resort and its secluded beach properties feel all the more special.  

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