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We did an informal poll and apparently, your guilty pleasure is Succession. After all, it’s always more fun when you’re watching someone else’s family drama. It’s even better when that drama is set on lavish estates, private planes, and destinations you could only dream about. In honor of Succession’s final season, here are the top places where they have filmed, to add to your travel list.

New York City

No grand hotel in NYC is off the table for Succession. The events and galas take place at The Pierre, The Taj, The Mandarin Oriental, and The Plaza on 5th Ave. The Plaza saw scenes filmed in the Terrace Room, The Grand Ballroom, and Palm Court. Though the plot isn’t dependent on the locations, the ambiance features heavily. NYC becomes a character in its own right.

The 3rd season opens with Kendall Roy emerging from the Four Seasons Private Residences. More than just an expensive apartment, Kendall’s residence exhibits his character. High security and prestige as well as hotel services like laundry and on-demand dog grooming can be expected.

The building also towers at its 30 Park Place location. Neo-gothic stone evokes 40 Wall Street, which symbolizes Ken’s dominating personality. Inside, the building exudes opulence, with details reminiscent of The Great Gatsby.

$52 Million Mansion in the Hamptons

The 11,000 sq ft Wainscott mansion featured in episode 4 of season 3 could top the list of places Succession was filmed. In this episode, Logan and Kendall come out to The Hamptons to convince investor Josh Aronson that his 4% stake isn’t at risk. With the father and son feuding the investor is wary of his financial security.

Josh is the kind of millionaire who is keen to protect his assets and his relationship with the Roy family. Equally important, he’s also the kind of millionaire that has a modern mansion made of mostly glass on a private beach. If you know the Hamptons, you know that privacy is nearly impossible to get there. The mansion was one of the multiple options scouted by directors.

Stephen Carter, the production designer, describes how the design team utilized light, space, high ceilings, and great views to suggest wealth on the show. The mansion’s great room features 22-ft ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the pool towards the beach. Naturally, they filmed the show’s primary scenes in this room.

The interior amenities not shown on the show only impress to a higher degree. All six bedrooms have beach views. There’s also a recreational room, a large outdoor pool, spa baths with a sauna and steam room, and a gym and golf simulator. Furthermore, for entertaining guests and family, the mansion has an outdoor kitchen and a seaside living area.

However, part of the appeal is not the home’s unique personality or eccentric design. Characters in Succession have no time for interior decorations, or to think too deeply about their interior design. They obviously have people to do that for them. The Wainscott mansion is beautiful but has a cookie-cutter look that, in a way, reflects the taste of the show’s characters.


Tuscany has special regard. If you’re a Roy, this is where you want to be seen. In season 3, the Roys visited the private Villa Centinale for their matriarch’s wedding.

The settings for Succession’s scenes hold a lot of symbolism and provide key information to the plot. As can be seen, the Roys demonstrate the power of capital, and the Villa Centinale affirms the likening of their stature to religious and political power. In addition, the Villa Centinale was built for Pope Alexander VII and some consider it to be one of the finest homes in Italy. The stone villa is surrounded by ornate gardens that demonstrate masterful landscaping.

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