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Four Twenty Five Park

Fine dining is alive and well in NYC. In fact, we would say that the proliferation of Michelin-starred chefs opening restaurants in the city is at a faster clip than ever. One of the OGs, Jean-Georges is leading the charge. His latest jewel in the portfolio is 425 Park, and this is the review.


Everything they say about the space at 425 Park is true; the main dining room is stunning. I would say that 425 Park’s double atrium ceilings and contemporary yet pretty dining room is one of the most impressive to open recently in NYC. As much as I love the Roman and Williams design a la Le Coucou, it all kind of looks the same after a while. So I especially liked the unique and distinct design of the dining room at 425 Park, which is both masculine but also is warm and unpretentious. Also the dining is set up in a large open space, so of all the JG restaurants, it makes for quite the scene to people watch.

Speaking of people, the other guests are as much part of the atmosphere as the restaurant itself. Four Twenty Five Park is in the new Citadel building, so as you would expect, the crowd is heavily finance. I wouldn’t necessarily come here on a date during the week but I would come with girlfriends or clients for a nicer dinner. For sure the bar scene people wise, makes for an interesting evening. It’s not as buzzy as The Grill, to which it’s often compared, but 425 Park is still a top scene for drinks in Midtown.

Food + Drink

I really hope this doesn’t ban me from ever getting a reservation at a JG restaurant. I’m going to preface that I have mad love for JG and feel like I have a rockstar sighting every time I get a glimpse of him. So with that all established, I felt that the food experience was so-so. I order my groceries from the Tin Building in the Financial District so the Swedish rye and Fingerlakes sourdough were immediately familiar. But that’s not what I was at 425 Park for; I was there to be bowled over, wowed, like when I had my first taste of abcV. Or when I ate at JG’s restaurant at the Four Seasons Philadelphia, which I think is on par or even better than Jean-Georges in NYC. The nutshell is that the whole meal was fine, but nothing I would remember.

I also think it was a mistake to do the crudite and sunflower seed hummus, because people are already comparing 425 to The Grill. The Grill just blows you away with that crudite presentation on ice, and 425’s version was something I could order from the Tin Building. If you’re going to take on The Grill in any comparable dish, you need to go for a knockout. The Grill entertains you with their meat press and omelet station roaming the dining room. The food, from the common lumache to the trout was all lovely, but honestly at the end of the day, just so-so unmemorable.


I think that JG runs a good ship overall as the people who work for him seem genuinely happy. It shows through especially in the service at 425 Park as the waitstaff engages with you authentically while exuding a flawless polish throughout. This is a team of professional waitstaff, who are in it for their careers in food and beverage. There’s a passion and positive knowledgeable energy from start to finish.

Overall: 7.5/10.

I would drop into the bar anytime to have a less frenetic drink than at The Grill. I also wouldn’t object if someone else wanted to have dinner upstairs, but I personally wouldn’t make the reservation.

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Q: Where is 425 Park located?

A: This is not a trick question; 425 Park is named after its actual street address in Midtown Manhattan. It’s in a brand new sparkling tower occupied by famed hedge fund Citadel.

Q: Do you need reservations for 425 Park?

A: Reservations are highly recommended but what is recommended more is to squeeze in at the bar. They serve a special bar menu there which is one of the most memorable parts of the experience.

Q: What are 425 Park’s hours of operation?

A: Four Twenty Five Park’s hours of operation are as follows:

Lunch Hours

Monday – Friday

The Bar & Lounge Hours

Monday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday

Dinner Hours

Sunday – Wednesday
5pm – 9:30pm

Thursday – Saturday
5pm – 10pm

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