Best French Fries in NYC

Christine Drinan, Founder

Pastis french fries steak

There’s something about the cold weather that inspires us to eat French fries. Ok, let’s be honest, we’ll take any excuse to eat French fries. So, these are the best French fries in NYC.

Cafe Luxembourg

Of all of the best French fries in NYC, Cafe Luxmbourg’s version may be the most authentic French rendition. They are perfectly crispy and crunchy and you’ll notice them on almost every table in the house. They are the perfect fries to dip into mustard and are about 75% of the reason we order the house omelet or the burger on visits.

Minetta Tavern, Balthazar + Pastis

Right behind Cafe Luxembourg on the most authentic French for the best French fries in NYC are Keith McNally’s trifecta of restaurants. Minetta, Balthazar, and Pastis represent French food well overall, and especially in the French fry department. They are slightly less crispy than Cafe Luxembourg for a softer fry, but a diner favorite nonetheless.

Shake Shack

There’s nothing like a crinkle-cut fry that takes you back to your Ore-Ida potato childhood. Shake Shack makes the list of the best French fries in NYC both for the crinkle-cut fries and for the cheese sauce that goes with it. For the fries alone it’s worth standing in the long lines.


When you just want to go all in on fried food, the fish and chips at Dame has you covered. Yes, the fish is something special, with a batter that’s so crispy you don’t even need the fish, But the chips are some of the best French fries in NYC. They are almost crusted on the outside and maybe the tastiest stand-alone fries on our list. This is one of the dishes at Dame that is not overrated and worth the hoops to get a reservation.

Mary’s Fish Camp

Mary’s may be known best for their lobster rolls, which were so good that a certain Galavante team member (ahem, Christine) gained 20 pounds when she came to New York. But what you may not know is along with that famed lobster roll, Mary’s has some of the best French fries in NYC. With a mandolin, Mary’s cuts fresh potatoes into thin haystack fries, that are as close to a potato chip French fry that you can get. The mound they serve you may look big, but the addictive crunch makes them go lightning quick.


We know that Milos rocks it out with their fresh fish, lobster pasta, and of course the Milos Special, a light-as-air fried confection of zucchini and Saganaki cheese. However, the technique for the Milos Special extends to their Greek fries, which are a dark house at Milos. They clearly have skills with a fryer to create food that’s perfectly crispy but not at all greasy or heavy. These are some of the best French fries in NYC because they are crunchy on the outside but pillowy fluffy inside. Dip them in the house tzatziki and you have yourself a new addiction.

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