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If you live Uptown, there are times it feels like you need your passport to travel to the Financial District. But with Danny Meyer, you know that he’s going to show you a good time with solid cooking and cocktails. Or in the case of Manhatta, at least one of the best views in the city. This is the updated Manhatta restaurant review in NYC.


I had not been to Manhatta restaurant since before the pandemic until my recent visit to refresh the Manhatta review. The last time I actually visited was 2018, when Manhatta arrived to much fanfare in the developing financial district. I was a regular for a number of work events and dinners . Back then, it reminded me of old school private club spaces where the point was to impress clients. That was overall my view of Manhatta’s place in the restaurant space; it was a spot for work-related people and events.

Closer Than You Think

The association with work isn’t the only reason why Manhatta didn’t make it onto my top list. I don’t make it to this part of town very often. I had actually wondered who did, so when the opportunity to do an updated review on Manhatta restaurant came up, I was intrigued. I even took the subway down from the nether regions of the Upper West Side in lieu of a $60 Uber. On the express train, the ride to Manhatta was less than 10 minutes then a 4 minute walk to the restaurant.

Not What I Remembered, or Expected

That’s the theme of this updated Manhatta restaurant review. My pre-conceived notions of Danny Meyer’s restaurant in the sky was not what I expected or remembered, in a good way. Manhatta makes a strong impression right off the bat, just like it did when it opened. The chicly decorated bar and dining room and those views luckily have not changed. Located on the 60th floor, Manhatta has a commanding view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York City skyline.

Beyond the views though, the crowd also added an interesting element to the atmosphere. There was a nice mix of people who looked like they worked in media, professionals from the offices nearby and even a couple celebrating a special occasion. Almost all the tables were full and there was a nice buzz to the room. Speaking of buzz, the bar is where to be for pre or post dinner drinks. Manhatta is firmly a restaurant but easily has one of the best bar menus and cocktails in the city.


When I first looked at the menu at Manhatta restaurant, I was underwhelmed as nothing really seemed to stand out. I also felt like there weren’t enough dishes like soups to offset the winter weather. In fact, most of the appetizers were cold dishes, from oysters, hamachi and salad. But like my pre-conceived notions about Manhatta being in the middle of nowhere, the food was more than meets the eye. I couldn’t tell from my initial due diligence what type of food the restaurant really served. But when you do sit down for a meal, it’s a combination of American with the most elegant Japanese finish. Nothing combusts or smokes at your table, but the technique is on full display. The chef here knows what he is doing.

The oysters were a Queen’s Cup varietal I’ve never had before, in a light sand and cream shell. I savored every single essence of the green tomato horseradish granite that perfectly topped the oysters. I’m pretty certain this will make my list of favorite bites of 2024.

The dark horse of the meal for me was actually the kohlrabi and citrus salad, that also had a granite. I’m still  dreaming of those ribbons of kohlrabi that soaked in so much of the flavors. The appetizers on the lunch menu were actually the most interesting to me. Mains are heartier, and include a burger, steak and chicken that are more signature Danny Meyer. The trumpet mushroom was maybe the most interesting with a black apple mole. It wasn’t my favorite but the dish was executed perfectly.


The service was professional from start to finish. I wouldn’t say that it was overly friendly in any respect, but it was respectful. You’re probably not coming back here to be recognized by the team as a regular. With that said, service was pretty flawless like everyone went to Swiss hospitality school.

Overall 7.5/10. I would come back to Manhatta restaurant again in a heartbeat.

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Q: Where is Manhatta restaurant in NYC located?

A: Manhatta restaurant in NYC is located at 28 Liberty St 60th floor, New York, NY 10005 on the 60th floor.

Q: What are the hours of operation of Manhatta restaurant in NYC?

A: The hours of operation of Manhatta restaurant in NYC are:

12–10:30 PM
12–10:30 PM
12–10:30 PM
12–10:30 PM
12–10:30 PM
12–10:30 PM
12–10:30 PM

Q: What kind of food does Manhatta restaurant in NYC serve?

A: Manhatta restaurant in NYC serves New American food with a Japanese influence.

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