Healthy Delivery in NYC

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Planta Table of Food

It’s time to put down the French fries and maybe ease up on the pasta and bread, at least for this week. No matter how healthy you are, it’s not a bad idea to reset a little at the beginning of the New Year. These are the top healthy restaurants to order from in NYC, and what they’re serving up is notable.

Bondi Sushi

Cuisine: Sushi

Bondi Sushi has popped up all over the city. Although its name is an homage to Bondi Beach in Australia, it’s one of the top healthy delivery in NYC and also good value. Yes, there are better sushi spots, but Bondi hits the spot with its fresh fish and simple menu that doesn’t tempt you to order the rock shrimp tempura. If you’re eating light the miso soup will fill you up with its generous size.

What to Order: The miso soup and load up on sashimi. The king salmon, yellowtail jalapeño, and scallop nigiri are standouts.

Planta Queen

Cuisine: Vegan

Planta’s food is so good that you will not miss the meat or the dairy. In fact, Planta doesn’t shortchange you on any of the culinary experiences, making it one of the top delivery in NYC spots. Yes, there are naughty items like the bang bang broccoli which even thinking about makes our mouth water. Most of the menu though is clean yet filling and you can’t do too much unhealthy damage at a place that’s vegan.

What to Order: Sweet corn truffles with tom yum and chimichurri, Japanese sweet potato, and the baked crab roll.


Cuisine: Greek

It’s a proven fact that the Mediterranean diet is good for your heart and can be a major contributor to a longer life. Milos therefore is a forgone conclusion if you’re in the mood for Greek, as one of the top healthy delivery in NYC favorites. So you get both the healthy factor, gourmet food, and elegance of Milos at home.

What to Order: The Milos salad which has the best tomatoes in the Tri-State and the grilled branzino.

Little Beet

Cuisine: Gluten-Free

Little Beet makes our list of top healthy delivery in NYC because it doesn’t exclude anything but gluten. The portions are also ample that you may even have leftovers for lunch the next day. Food is clean with an array of beautiful colors too that doesn’t make you feel deprived even though you are eating healthy.

What to Order: Yuzu poke bowl with salmon and the beet falafel bowl.


Cuisine: Vegetarian and Vegan

Jean-Georges has an empire of fine French restaurants, but his best just may be ABCV. We say that because opening ABCV 7+ years ago was transformative for the restaurant scene. Jean-Georges proved that you can have a vegetarian restaurant and not miss the meat. Or the scene and cocktails and wine either, as the scene is as chic as any of the other restaurants in the Jean-Georges portfolio.

What to Order: For breakfast, the vegan Einkorn pancake with ripe figs and banana. The dosa is also a favorite with the chutneys and coconut yogurt.

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