Ci Siamo has Arrived

By Rachel Singh
Ci Siamo

Rachel Singh, Writer

Ci Siamo is in the up-and-coming Manhattan West.  The restaurant is the newest addition to Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, which needs no introduction.  But just in case you need a reminder, the Danny Meyer restaurants include Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, Daily Provisions, Marta, The Modern, and Manhatta. To name a few.  With this pedigree, the affiliation alone should give you reason enough to venture near Hudson Yards. I’ll cut to the chase; it’s worth the Uber, no matter where you live in the city.

The Atmosphere 

Decor & Design

The space is visually appealing thanks to the team from NYC-based design firm Goodrich, which has worked on other Danny Meyer restaurants.  Observant diners will notice the subtle decorative ode to the open fire in the kitchen. Multiple elements of this fire theme are present throughout the restaurant.  It’s reflected in the blown glass, a terra-cotta color palette and charcoal touches.

The vast restaurant space incorporates different areas of ambiance, which is unique to other Danny Meyer restaurants.   The lounge has casual bar seating, and the formal dining room takes it up a notch with plush velvet and leather banquettes. At the rear of the restaurant, you’ll find the beautiful open kitchen with the iconic fire pit.

The décor is convivial and inviting, even a little flirty. The place could easily end up on a list of best places in Manhattan to eat dinner at the bar. We’ll definitely go back and sit at the bar to sip on a Negroni and enjoy a bowl of pasta.

Ci Siamo Fire

The Food

Wood-Fire Cooking – All the Rage

Ci Siamo is unique from the other Danny Meyer restaurants because of its focus on open fire cooking.  Chef Hillary Sterling (Lupa, A Voce, Vic’s) brings a brilliant menu together based on wood-fire cooking. Wood-fire cooking is all the rage nowadays with New American restaurants, like newcomer Sweetbriar.  On the Ci Siamo menu are homemade pastas and breads, along with seasonal ingredients and vegetables.

When you have fire though, you need to have meat, so the menu is heavy on the protein.  It’s tough to beat ordering anything from the restaurant’s open fire pit. Like other Danny Meyer restaurants, the menu is well crafted and certainly makes you want to go back to try more combinations. During our recent visit, the caramelized onion torta was generous.  In addition, the cavatelli allo scoglio (lobster, chili, vermouth) was notably delicious.

The only caveat is that we wish the menu highlighted more explicitly which dishes are actually cooked on the open flame.  When you figure that out, you can take full advantage of Ci Siamo’s unique feature.

Overall:  7.5/10

Take a meander over when you have a chance. It’s rare that any of the Danny Meyer restaurants disappoint.

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