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Where Celebs Go in Paris

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Hailey Bieber - Guide to Paris

Paris never goes out of style. But some celeb favored spots demand world heritage site fame. These are the places where celebs go in Paris. Warning, they will end up on your bucket list.

Hotel Costes

Who goes: Bella and Gigi Hadid, Johnny Depp, John Malkovich + Rihanna

The Overview:

Hotel Costes has a reputation unlike any other, which is why it is where celebs go in Paris. This 18th century mansion has an eclectic vibe that has made it a celebrity favorite for decades. The bar has an edgy and sexy energy that makes for the perfect post-fashion week show happy hour. Naturally, all of the most famous people have been photographed partying here. There’s something about the ambiance that draws you in. Maybe it’s the hostesses who are reportedly as cold as stone. And so if you go you have to dress like its fashion week even if it isn’t.

Hotel de Crillon

Who goes: Mick Jagger, Madonna + Taylor Swift

The Overview:

Where celebs go in Paris tend to be the most historic places. Hotel de Crillon tops the list. The front facade was commissioned in 1755 by King Louis XV, and when it was finished Queen Marie Antoinette often visited the mansion for piano lessons. The hotel has seen many facelifts, but the most recent renovation was helmed by Karl Lagerfeld whose keen eye for trend and design made the place into a mecca for celebs and elites to see and be seen. The suites have a lustrous quality with each defined by the famous defining identities of history who’ve stayed there. Today, details are what keep notables coming. The 90 person service team makes sure all demands are achieved, which range from a beard trim from France’s first female barber, to rides in vintage cars.

Caviar Kaspia

The Celebs: Tom Ford, Naomi Campbell, Valentino + the Fashion Glitterati

The Overview:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that caviar and celebrities go together well. After all, who else would be seen spending hundreds of dollars on a dinner. Caviar Kaspia has been a playground for celebrities since the mid 1900’s, and has maintained its commitment to Eastern European dining since, as well. The interiors are highly stylized which makes for a vibe that begs to be photographed. But the main draw is the menu which features Norwegian and Scottish fish dishes, old school Russian Caviar, and a vintage wine collection that doesn’t disappoint.


The Celebs: Kim Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin + Beyonce, just to name a few.

The Overview:

Some say L’Avenue intentionally stays filled with beautiful people. While clubs have hard doors, it’s rarer to find a restaurant where getting in is a mission. To the restaurant’s defense, there must be some kind of system to keep numbers manageable when this many celebs come through the doors. L’Avenue is a French brasserie with a reputation for delicious food and a high class vibe. The upstairs dining room is dimly lit which makes for a mysterious and exciting energy. You never know who could be sharing the crab millefeuille next to you.

The Ritz

The Celebs: Anna Wintour, Blake Lively, David & Victoria Beckham

The overview:

The Ritz has to be the crown jewel of hotels in Paris. Nowhere else is a lobby grand enough to visit on its own. But the celebs can be seen at the famous Ritz Bar, and Bar Hemingway. Both bars have years of history as celebrity magnets, despite having very different vibes. Ritz Bar keeps things trendy and classy, with astrological themed cocktails and a larger lounge. Bar Hemingway has just 24 seats and some of them are old leather chairs, and offers a cozier reprieve at a 5-star hotel. Both have seated famous guests for longer than many other establishments, and Bar Hemingway is lovingly named after becoming Ernest’s go to spot.

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