Where to Take Your Platonic Friend on Vacation

We know you have that friend whom you never dated in college. That’s because he, she, they, are like your family, and you just wouldn’t go there. They know you the longest, which means they also have the best dirt. You don’t want to lose your platonic partner in crime just because you get married either. So, in honor of Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne, of the hilarious show, Platonic, here are three best friend vacations that are appropriate to take your favorite “just friends”.

The Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas used to be for partying all night. Now, Vegas is a hot spot for people who are looking to cleanse their souls after a night of bad decisions. Or, for those who skip the alcohol altogether, Vegas has recently become a destination for relaxation in its own right.

Sylvia and Will, Rose and Seth’s characters, are past their prime. That is, mistaking special K for a more common white substance lands mom of three, Sylvia in hot water with her husband. Nurturing a relationship with your bestie means adapting to the ways that you both change when you leave college. So, when you take your annual bestie trip to Vegas, stick to the spa life instead of the nightlife.

Stay Well rooms with MGM Grand at designated properties have been on the rise since Covid, and have increased in popularity recently. Air Purifiers ensure that you breathe the clean, healthy air that we, at least in New York or LA, now so highly value. There are also vitamin-C-infused showers, cleansed water, and aromatherapy treatment in-room.

And the bigger-is-better in Vegas thing extends to the spas. So after you leave, you can torch your bod at Barry’s, or visit one of the new resorts that’ve ditched the whole gambling thing altogether.

Where to Stay:

Wellness clubs are on the rise in Vegas. Bellagio has a world-class spa with cool plunge pools that might make you feel like you’ve taken some of that white powder. Canyon Ranch and Spa will be your sanctuary in the middle of the strip, and Awana Spa and Wellness is a must-go for anyone looking for an over-the-top immersive spa experience.

The Destination: Austin, Texas

Will may have thrown a party at his bar for his 24-year-old girlfriend. But Sylvia’s dance moves prove that parties are for the young at heart. Platonic friends always deserve to get together to get loose, and Austin is the perfect place to gather the girls.

Post-Covid, Austin has become one of the best places to invest in property. With that, a slew of interesting historic, modern, and eclectic homes have turned into Airbnbs fit for chill weekend barbecues, or bachelorette bashes. When in Austin, you want the freedom to take advantage of all the city has to offer, from local music and festivals to the river and lake water activities like paddle boarding.

The activities range from wine tastings among vineyards lined with peach groves, to watching or trying out Formula One racing. If you have a large group of people, it’s still easy to plan a diverse itinerary suitable for bringing a crowd. Of course, things like Michelin dining and nightlife on the East Side are great for more intimate vacations, as well.

Where to Stay:

If you’re looking for a place to find a room, Four Seasons has won awards for luxury in Austin. However, we recommend this luxury lake-side cottage and this Gaudi-inspired masterpiece that will have you feeling like you’re sleeping in a museum.

The Destination: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is still known for its party culture which heats up right about this time of year. If you and your friends are still about that, there are plenty of clubs and parties that you can attend. Sylvia and Will certainly kept the drinks flowing — at least until 2 am.

But now Ibiza is known for its yogification — that is, the explosion of party-goers trading boats and clubs for yoga blocks and sunrise hikes. Ibiza has always had some of the most beautiful beaches and hills to hike. Celebrities turned locals have started to embrace the natural beauty for wellness retreats.

One way to make the most of both worlds is by throwing a moonlight party. Woo-moon parties are a conceptual event originating out of Cova Santa in Ibiza that combines art and partying with psychedelics. Cara Delevigne just threw herself a woo-moon party for her birthday.

Where to Stay:

According to sources, people often gather for woo-moon parties at Six Senses Ibiza, which doubles as a perfect place to stay. Nobu Ibiza Bay and Ibiza Gran Hotel offer a more relaxing, ‘hang out in your bikini all day’ kind of feel.

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