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Alice Restaurant

Sometimes a restaurant comes into your sphere and you wonder where it’s been all your life: Alice restaurant NYC is one of those special spots. Because once you’ve tried Alice’s agnolotti cacio e pepe, which melts in your mouth creating an explosion of flavor, or the signature lobster fettucine, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Then there’s the crudo. Mind blown. These reasons are just a few, why Alice restaurant in  NYC is a restaurant to add to your standby neighborhood list.


We discovered Alice NYC through their sister restaurant, Osteria 57, which is another gem of a find.  When you arrive at Alice, you will likely say, “I walk by there all the time.” However, chances are you have not yet stopped into the restaurant, which is one of the best neighborhood Italian joints in the city.  It’s also a place that you can actually get a reservation without pledging your first born. This is our review of Alice restaurant  in NYC.

The Scene 

Alice is on a charming stretch of W. 13th that’s filled with small neighborhood restaurants.  For the summer and warmer months, Alice has outdoor sidewalk tables on the relatively quiet street, which creates a cosy bistro vibe. However indoors turns into a vibe-y wine bar, and this is where their personality really shines through. Ambient music with a dark, intimate atmosphere and a decor that’s elevated rustic make Alice’s a great spot for a 2nd date and beyond.

ready to eat oysters at Alice restaurant NYC

The Food

This is the reason you come to Alice restaurant NYC.  Alice is one of the more unique Italian concepts as they are a seafood and lobster bar. So no, they don’t serve meat dishes, but you won’t miss the steak. Alice keeps their menu exclusively pescatarian and vegetarian because they shine bright in this vertical.  It’s clearly their sweet spot.  

 The fish is top quality at Alice NYC. It’s all sustainably sourced, with much of it local and organic. Oysters are brought in fresh each day from Montauk, and the crudo is one of the best (if not the best) in New York city. In summer, they serve a wild Montauk sea bass crude with fennel, lime and Fresno chili.  The halibut is also a standout dish, which is cooked perfectly, unlike most restaurants that tend to over-cook this beautiful fish.

creamy yellow pasta in a white bowl on a brown table


Now let’s talk pasta, which deserves its whole own section.  Any of the pastas are a must, but the lobster fettuccine is a house specialty. Even the basics shine here though, like the red sauce spaghetti and vongole linguine. Alice takes these classics to the next level, that are executed beyond what you can make at home.  

The raviolis change according to the specials, and are a yes, no matter what iteration they have for the day. Gluten free pasta is also available on request. To round it out, Alice has a solid wine menu, great cocktails and a knowledgeable staff and sommelier. 

green vegetables in a yellow creamy sauce in a white bowl on a wooden table

The Service

The front of house hosts are generally good and the waitstaff are terrific. Both match the neighborhood vibe of Alice. When you become an Alice regular, the staff add an extra element of welcome to your experience. So if you are looking for a new, easy to access, reliable neighborhood go to with great food, good ambience and a varied changing menu then Alice restaurant in NYC is your go-to. 

Overall:  7.5/10.  Alice restaurant is a neighborhood staple


Q: What makes Alice remarkable?

A: Alice’s secret weapons are the seafood and the pasta. The fresh and sustainably sourced fish paired with the exquisite pasta options leaves many mouthwatering options to try.

Q: Does it offer takeout options?

A: Yes, Alice offers curbside pickup.

Q: What is the rating of Alice as per Galavante?

A: Galavante rates this restaurant 7.5/10. It’s a neighborhood mainstay for its reliability, atmosphere, and varied menu.

Alice NYC Restaurant Information

You can make reservations online or by telephone and Alice NYC also offers home delivery. 

Service options: Dine-in · Curbside pickup · No delivery
Address126 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011


Thursday 5:30PM–12AM
Friday 5:30PM–12AM
Saturday 12–4PM, 5:30PM–12AM
Sunday 12–4PM, 5:30PM–12AM
Monday 5:30PM–12AM
Tuesday 5:30PM–12AM
Wednesday 5:30PM–12AM

Phone number:    212-691-4886

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