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Top Art Hotels & Vineyards in the World

Rohan Vasa, Writer


There’s a direct correlation between luxury and art, and it’s safe to say that they intersect at these hotels and vineyards around the world. One hotel in particular remains an insider spot, even after a visit from Kanye. And if there’s change burning a hole in your couch cushions, you can drop $100,000 a night to sleep in a suite not only decorated with Damien Hirst’s art, but actually designed by the great artist himself. Priceless works by Picasso, Chagall, and Matisse – well, that’s just par for the course of the public areas of this hotel. So we know that if they have art, many of you will travel. These are the top vineyards and hotels with the best art around the world, to put on your list.

Villa La Coste

Location: Aix-en-Provence, France

The Art: Modern and Contemporary Sculpture, Site-Specific Installation, Land Art 

Situated in the Provencal landscape, Villa La Coste has created a haven for art, architecture, and wine lovers alike. The property is a private domain and features twenty-eight villas surrounded by extensive gardens and a vineyard. Art is such a focus, that there is a specially designed art walk. The circuit features forty different artworks commissioned by some of the most revered artists. Of note, Tado Ando, a master of Japanese architecture, built his own art center on the property where guests can enjoy a restaurant with views.

Of course, there is also the food and wine, in addition to its draw as one of the top art hotels in the world. The 200 hectare vineyard is accompanied by a winery and cellar that presents tastings and workshops for guests. Chef Hélène Darroze, who was recently awarded three Michelin stars, leads the culinary experience. There is a reason Kanye West paid a visit here post-Kim, with Super Model Irina Shayk. 

Six Senses Kaplankaya

Location: Kaplankaya, Turkey

The Art: Modern and Contemporary

Six Senses Kaplankaya is a resort on the Turkish Riviera, that’s more off-grid than touristy Bodrum. It has both the seclusion of being on a private estate by the Aegean Sea, but also has a thriving local community that brings its own cultural influences. Of note, the hotel also has a robust permanent art collection, and has collaborated with galleries to create temporary installations on their property during the high season. In addition, Six Senses is located close to many archeological and historical sites, including two of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

Ellerman House

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

The Art: 19th and 20th Century Painting and Sculpture

Ellerman House, a luxury hotel located along the coast Cape Town, presents an extensive art and wine collection. The art collection is housed in its own gallery on site. It includes almost 1,000 works created from the early 1900s to today with a focus on art created in Africa. Many of these works are historically significant and show the incredible changes that took place in the country. In addition, Ellerman House has their own art guides to help navigate their collection and provide trips to popular galleries. South Africa has a 350 year heritage of wine making. Ellerman House Wine Gallery showcases some of these award winning wines for its guests. The space features its own wine cellars, an interactive multimedia library, and even special vintages of Dom Perignon. 

The Silo

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

The Art: Modern and Contemporary Art 

The Silo is an iconic luxury hotel unlike any other. It is located in the historic grain silo complex, six floors above the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art (Africa’s largest collection of contemporary African art.) The exterior of the building was designed by Heatherwick Studios. They revitalized the original structure by implementing its iconic geometric glass windows. There are twenty-eight rooms and each features stunning views of the harbor below. Being that the Silo Hotel is in the same building as the museum, it is decorated with an eclectic collection. These artworks are displayed throughout both the common spaces and private rooms. There are also tons of dining options, whether it’s brunch at the Granary Cafe, glasses of bubbly on the roof, or elegant dining at the Williston Bar. The Silo Hotel brings together stylish architecture with contemporary art to create one of Cape Town’s best hotels. 

Damien Hirst Suite at The Palms

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Art: Contemporary Art 

The Palms Casino Resort has more than just stunning views or a casino full of people looking to win big. It’s also one of the hotels with the best art, certainly in Vegas if not the entire U.S. As part of the art focus, The Palms has the world’s most expensive hotel suite designed by the revered artist, Damien Hirst. Dubbed “The Empathy Suite,” the 9,000 sqft space costs $100,000 a night and includes about $10 million dollars worth of work. The suite includes his famous pieces such as the pill cabinet filled with diamonds, the sharks suspended in formaldehyde, and a series of butterfly works.

But the suite in itself is a work of art, and can be compared to stepping into Hirst’s brain. In addition, it includes two king beds, a private pool and terrace, and two story floor to ceiling windows. The suite is quintessential Vegas: over the top and glamorous, but that’s what you come to Vegas for. 

Donum Estate

Location: Sonoma, California

The Art: Modern and Contemporary Sculpture, Site-Specific Installation, Land Art 

The Donum Estate is unlike any other in Napa Valley. In addition to being a fantastic winery it is also one of the world’s largest accessible private sculpture collections. With more than fifty monumental works spread out throughout the 200 acre estate, Donum has created an experience that plays with imagination, scale, and the potential of creativity.

Domum in Latin actually translates to “gift of the land,” so sustainable and organic farming is at the heart of what the estate is presenting. Under the guidance of winemaker Dan Fisherman, Donum focuses on reducing their own impact and letting the land speak through the quality of the wine they produce. 

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