Your Insider French Michelin Gastronomical Tour

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Good for: Single travelers, groups, couples, families and anyone who likes the beautiful countryside, food and wine.

When to Go: Anytime from the first signs of spring to November, before the weather turns cold.

The Highlights: The Light Chablis class at William Fevre Cellar on Day You’re your transportation in the vintage Bentley S3, your private residence at Chateau de Beaune in the inside walls city of Beaune (the private residence of the owner of Bouchard Pere & Fils and Henriot Champagne), and your breakfast with him.

There’s a reason why most cultures have adopted the phrase bon appetit: when it comes to great food and decadent wine, you just can’t escape the French. Even the best chefs on the planet have derived inspiration at one time or another from the French. In the food game, the French can’t be beat.

There’s something about the highbrow dining experience that the French have mastered. At every authentic French restaurant, the execution is pure confidence from the knowledge that they are in their element. It’s what they do. But get ready to fall in love even more (if it’s possible). Through two of the most culinary regions in France – Beaune and Burgundy, we recommend a feeding frenzy. A three-star Michelin frenzy, which we’ve now made a thing. You’re welcome.

Day one kicks off just right. Early in the afternoon, you stop at William Fevre Cellar for your personal Light Chablis class. This white could convert even the most stubborn red lovers. It won Didier Séguir the “White Winemaker of the Year 2018” award—with 14,000 competing glasses, it’s hard to get more prestigious than that. Once you’ve had your fill (which is tough to do with this white), you’ll head over to Georges Blanc Restaurant, Hotel & Spa where you can check-in, relax, and maybe get a quick treatment in before dinner. When you’re finally seated at your 3* Michelin restaurant, you’ll be thankful you passed the in-flight meal options. You’ve been saving your palate for the best—and here it is.

After a long night’s sleep, your personal chauffer will be waiting for you in the lobby. You’ll have 2 private tastings along the Beaujolais. Well, not entirely private. After all, you will be joined by the owner of the winery for exclusive barrel tastings. Then you head over to lunch at a private hunting lodge in your vintage Bentley S3. The French make great food, no doubt, but we leave transport up to the English. Now you’re ready to get lost in that famous French countryside at your rustic hotel, La Colline du Colombier (meaning “dovecoat hills”—how warm and cozy is that?). As if this day couldn’t get any more perfect, it’s time to wind down over dinner at Le Bois Sans Feuilles. This Michelin restaurant is about as quintessentially French as it gets. This place is so good, other French restaurants try to imitate it. Yeah, that good.


Okay, time to take a breath. Remind yourself that the next day is all about relaxation. Take some time to have a leisurely breakfast and look over the landscape. You’ll be driving to Beaune for a wine tasting at the Château de Pommard—but you’re in no hurry. You know all those famous oil paintings of the French countryside? Yeah, that’s your view today. Feel free to stop with the family for a picnic and really soak in the authentic French scenery. You’ll probably be thinking you died and went to heaven, but it gets even better: turns out, heaven serves wine. You’ll have a private guided visit and “Climat class” at the Château de Pommard. This is like a French wine master course where you compare Burgundy’s rich, unique flavors with other parts of the world. Spoiler Alert: Burgundy wins.

And even though all good things must end, that doesn’t mean they have to end today. After your tasting and course, you’ll meet the owner, who will personally welcome you to Chateau de Beaune before going to dinner at Hostellerie de Levernois. Just seeing the food in pictures can be enough to make your mouth water. To actually taste them? Let’s just say that we hope it’s not your last meal—but if it were, you’d die plenty happy.


Your last day will be spent the only way God intended people to enjoy Burgundy: wine tasting. Then, more wine tasting. You have a full day trying some of the best wines on the planet. You’ll even get to see firsthand the cellar with the largest collection of Burgundy wines in the world—oh, and bottles date back to 1852. To give that some context, that’s nearly 10 years before Abraham Lincoln was president. You won’t see too many of those bottles lying around back home. Finally, you end the day with dinner at Lameloise, la crème de la crème of French cuisine. The presentation alone would be enough to satisfy even the toughest critic. So, when we say that the food is even better, that’s actually saying quite a lot.

Ok, so, amazing French landscapes? Check. Great wine? Obviously. The best food you’ve ever tasted in Michelin starred restaurants? Yup, we got you. The incredible world of French food and wine awaits on your French Culinary Michelin tour. We’ve already opened the door—now all that’s left is for you to walk through. Bon appetit!

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