Jean Georges’s Upper East Side Restaurants

There’s nothing better than walking down Madison Avenue on a sunny day. The nice days bring out the best of everyone. And that couldn’t be more true with New Yorkers. When the sun is shining and the air is crisp, dining al fresco on the Upper East Side is a must. It’s one part of NYC that we can never say no to, and why should we? After all, Jean Georges’s Upper East Side restaurants are some of the best in town and are one of the main reasons to visit.

Who Is Jean Georges?

Jean Georges is an icon in the culinary world. He was born and raised on the outskirts of Strasbourg in France, and now operates over 32 restaurants worldwide. His menus reflect his love of traveling, and draw inspiration from the aromatic flavors of the East. Jean Georges’s forward-thinking has won him numerous culinary awards and seen him appear on several popular US television programs. And he has single-handedly changed the way we eat and upped our expectations for how food should be served. Jean Georges’s Upper East Side restaurants are no exception to his unique take on dining.

Mixed salad from Jean Georges Upper East Side restaurant The Mark.

The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges

What Makes The Mark Special?

There’s no need to adjust your standards when it comes to The Mark. Its comfortable yet refined dining room is a big attraction for customers. And it’s where you’ll find a mixture of people, from local New Yorkers to food connoisseurs. We’re not surprised that celebrities like Woody Allen and Paul McCartney have been spotted here. The Mark’s menu is as unique as its dining room, with Jean Georges pulling inspiration from across Europe. With his signature global seasonings added to every dish, a meal at The Mark will be unlike any other. And we can’t forget about the stunning outdoor seating area that’s been drawing in an even bigger crowd. 


The Mark has always beautified their exterior, with their custom flower carts and their tricked out pedi-cabs. They’ve changed the game yet again by adding outdoor seating. The exterior is now an oasis of France meets New York. Even those who don’t eat above 14th Street will willingly Uber uptown to enjoy the atmosphere at The Mark. The interior of Jean Georges’s Upper East Side restaurant in The Mark Hotel oozes with refined ambiance. But the plush chairs and soft lighting make it feel like a neighborhood restaurant, both warm and inviting. 

Type of Food at The Mark

Jean Georges’s Upper East Side restaurant, The Mark, has a truly global menu. It serves innovative European classic dishes with flavors pulled from across the world. You can expect your cravings to be more than satisfied when you eat here. The Mark’s menu covers everything for a simple to a more eclectic palate. 

What We Recommend

What don’t we recommend at The Mark? But seriously, the menu is incredible. If we had to choose a few of our favorites, we’d start off with the butternut squash soup. The subtle flavor of the squash paired with the black trumpet mushrooms will have you (almost) licking your bowl. And let’s not forget the crave-worthy crispy salmon sushi. It’s paired with a chipotle mayonnaise and soy glaze, the perfect mix of flavors to go with it. We can never say no to sushi. 

Ordering salmon may sound basic, except here it’s slow cooked and packed with the flavor of a fermented black bean vinaigrette. We almost (though not quite) have accepted our separation from France, if it means we can order their grilled steak in a miso sauce. Of course with an extra side of pommes frites. Alternatively, the black truffle pizza always gets rave reviews and does not disappoint with its bold flavors.

For a lighter main dish, try the signature warm shrimp salad. Even though it’s a salad, it’s bursting with flavor. After all, this is a Jean Georges restaurant on the Upper East Side. The salad includes enoki mushrooms, tomatoes, and creamy avocado, all topped with a champagne vinaigrette. Who says salad has to be boring? Not Jean Georges

You can’t go wrong with dessert here. The Mark brings profiteroles to the next level. Paired with vanilla ice cream and chocolate flakes, it’s a light yet very satisfying way to finish your meal. The fact that it has chocolate sauce pouring off of it in every direction is just a bonus. For those of you with a more refined palate, the artisanal cheese board will be just the thing for you.

JoJo Jean Georges Upper East Side restaurant interior.

JoJo Restaurant by Jean Georges 

What Makes JoJo Special?

We’re not done with the tour of Jean Georges’s Upper East Side restaurants just yet. JoJo was the first NYC restaurant by Jean George, and is named after his childhood nickname. It recently reopened in a duplex townhouse, and is bringing back a bit of ‘90s nostalgia with its menu. Like all of his restaurants, you can expect only the freshest ingredients in every dish, which you’ll be able to taste right away. 


Despite its modern and fresh design, JoJo presents a warm and friendly atmosphere from the moment you walk in. Its pale walls and minimal decorations make it seem larger than reality and reflect other restaurants by Jean Georges. It’s known for being a simple and casual neighborhood restaurant and is the place to be on East 64th Street. 

Type of Food at JoJo

At JoJo you can expect a seasonal French menu, with all of the flavors you’ve come to love from Jean Georges. Its farm to table food, which is mostly organic and local, is what makes this restaurant stand out. Don’t expect the unique dishes you’ve come to love at Jean Georges’s other Upper East Side restaurant though. JoJo keeps things simple but executes them all very well. Maine lobster and roast chicken are just a couple of the more popular options on the menu. There are, however, a couple of newcomers to try too. 

What We Recommend

The peekytoe crab dumplings are the only appetizer you need. They’re served in a ginger and lemon broth and are stuffed to capacity with peekytoe crab. Visiting on a Monday? Then you have to try Jean Georges’s famous roast chicken for your main course. Served with green olives and chickpea fries, it’s a classic dish that was on the menu long before JoJo’s revamp. The roasted duck breast is served daily and is always a great option. It’s served with a delicious combination of hibiscus-honey glazed pumpkin and turnips, and is delicately positioned on top of a portion of wild rice. Add a side of broccoli to your meal for some extra greenery. 

A staple dessert of this Jean Georges Upper East Side restaurant is the warm chocolate cake, served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. We can never say no to chocolate cake, especially when it’s served warm and moist. For something on the lighter side, we recommend either the pear and dried cherry crumble or the passion fruit sorbet. You can’t really go wrong with a dessert from JoJo’s, so the choice is fully in your court.

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